5: Psychographic Retargeting, Follow Key Segments
Some industries, especially those marketing big ticket items, have a relatively small universe of customers. Other larger industries have many customers, but market to them by vertical segments. For instance, an aircraft manufacturer markets to a relatively small group of pilots. Insurance company salespeople market to verticals that include pilots, truck drivers, home owners, and so on.

When successful marketing is vertical by psychographic segments sent as PPC traffic, retargeting the psychographic segment can be a winning play. Think about what it means to completely dominate a class of people, as defined by Facebook and LinkedIn inventory. Will Scott, CEO of Search Influence, an online marketing agency in New Orleans, first turned us on to the notion of Psychographic retargeting. Smart guy…

If you are able to sell with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, straight up targeted banner buys, and other contextual targeting, amp your conversion rate by following your targets around. Don’t forget to gather the data when they become customers!

6: Email Retargeting
Email is the gift that keeps on giving. Set retargeting cookies for site touches that stem from email. Email remains a fantastic traffic driver, often with great conversion rates.  Later in this post, we’ll talk about not abusing your audience. Daily impression caps and lifespan matters a lot to email retargeting. If you’re able to generate KPIs with email marketing, consider careful retargeting.

The ability to serve ads in Facebook by “Custom Audience” is related to email retargeting. We enter a big list of emails and, after email resolution, Facebook shows ads to any FB users that are able to resolve to FB users. Facebook Ads Custom Audience targeting is a sort of email remarketing. The users never need to touch your site.  It’s more targeting than retargeting, but an interesting concept to mention here.

7: Social Profile Visitor Retargeting
A good organic social media program (community management) drives traffic to websites you own. Smart community managers know this.  If you’re going to drive traffic to your website, then we hope you have a reason. The best reason is to measure success by attributable sales and assists. Tagged properly, social traffic that commonly results in attributable conversion can be followed and amplified. Social profile traffic retargeting is the little brother of the content amplification we’re about to discuss. This is true for both organic and paid.

We should note that great community management results in traffic from focused psychographics, making the following of users by channel (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) potentially useful. If you drive users to ultimately support conversion to your website from social, try following visitors with smart creative for a few days.

8: Paid Content Amplification, A.K.A. Editorial Calendar Retargeting
A visit to content is much too priceless to leave on the table. This is the most exciting site retargeting to me personally. We’ve been talking about paid organic amplification of content a lot over the last few years as “organic” social distribution got more expensive. We use FB Page Post Ads (PPA) as well as Page Post Like Stories (PPLS) and and Page Like Stories (PLS). We use promoted Tweets, LinkedIn Ads, and press releases, all to promote content.

Retargeting is the ultimate content amplifcation:

  • Follow writers driven by press releases to pages on your site. Your as well express your point of view to that writera few more times before letting go.
  • Set retargeting cookies at the post or category level of your blog. Market serialized content or advertise the symbiotic product or service associated with the content the visitor consumed.
  • Bring the next part of the message towards the sales funnel for those who consumed your infographics, survey, study, white paper, anything.

If you have a content strategy, you already pay for promotion, even if you’re one of those fancy “organic only” agencies. If you pay for FB PPA, you need to set retargeting cookies on your posts and categories. As with every type of retargeting, the reason you follow a user and what that creative expresses means everything.  Don’t follow every post or category. Have a strategic reason that’s about amplifying your KPI, whatever that may be for the content strategy. If you market with content, you will be retargeting in the future.

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  • AQ

    I’m familiar with retargeting as a consumer but have not had an opportunity to use it with any of our clients. One thing that interests me are psychographics and how consumers’ perceptions influence what they buy. So my question is, have you ever seen two related brands partner to retarget each others’ business?

    For example, if I am a punk rock record label and I know my listeners like to skateboard, could I hook up with a skate shop to retarget visitors to both our sites and vice versa?

  • Stephen Marsh

    I had no idea this was even a thing.

    That is so, so smart (and oddly manipulative).

  • Justin

    This is a great tactic, but I see these ads all over different web sites for products that I have already purchased. However, it is not a repeat purchase after the initial purchase. It is a one time thing. Im not going back to theis company because the one thing I purchased is all that they offer. At that point it almost becomes of no use and a waste of money.

  • David

    I’ve tried adRoll and Adwords remarketing, targeted Facebook ads, each with moderate success-adRoll can get to be quite expensive very fast if you run multiple campaigns and don’t severely limit your target audience.

    Looking at Quantcast for next year, though it is highly reliant on targeting only Quantcast enabled sites it seems.

    The big hurdle we struggle with is how to identify those users who may be cookied on multiple devices but only convert on one. Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

    • Marty Weintraub

      David, Remarketing is like a horse: crap in and crap out. If we’re amplifying great marketing it works way better than trying to squeeze blood out of a stone.

  • Philip

    Interesting article.
    I work in mobile gaming and the funnel system is a common area of analysis.
    psychographics is going to grow more important as a retargeting method.
    I agree with Justin, sometimes I’ve already bought the item and still get retargeted ads for the same product. There is certainly some work to be done in this field.
    On that note, which companies are getting it right in the field?
    I heard great things about Criteo.
    Look forward to reading more on this subject.