Psychographic Targeting Unhinged: Mobile & Apps


Handset-Specific Precise Mashed Up With Broad Traveler Interest Personalities
With 1,256,280 Facebook users interested in iPhones, this represents a simple persona unto itself. In my opinion, iPhones have terrible battery life. Just the very fact that a human has an iPhone means that they’re potential customers for our battery device. Focus that up even further, layered with the traveler segment, and you’ve got a potent cocktail.

Other handset interests rock in tandem with the traveler segment. You know the battery life in most cell phones is not forever. You know these users travel.

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Mobile Usage, Extreme Usage, Apps & Activities PersonalitiesThese make for a potent combo when mashed up with the broad traveler interests.  Consider the limited cell life of broad traveler interests precisely interested in the following segments. You show me a user whose master persona is “iPhone” and is precisely interested in “Angry Birds” or “QR codes,” and I’ll show you a person to whom I can sell a mobile-phone charger.


Targeting apps is an amazing tactic as well. There is such incredible specificity in the app universe and we can get to a lot of those interests in FB and other channels.

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Creativity Rules Supreme
As noted throughout, as rich as this targeting study is, there are plenty of opportunities to scale these traveler master personas to wildly diverse personalities. Also, be open to discovering new persona ideas from your explorations. Demographic targeting has evolved to multi-channel (holistic) psychographic targeting. It’s already your job description.

We hope this post lends insight and inspires our industry towards a higher level of customer profiling at the top of the funnel. Personas are real now and can be actually targeted. Retargeting opens Pandora’s box in a good way. Happy customer hunting!

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  • re targeting

    Retargeting is awesome, and just like you said the strategy can and is used for email. Now, what’s recently evolving is Search Retargeting. Where you can target based off of search query, which means users don’t even need to land on your site/page!

  • Barry Tubwell

    Over the top, outstanding post Marty. Posts like this on aimclear is the reason I follow your twitter, facebook page and the blog its self. Thanks a ton.

  • Kath Dawson

    Marty this is fascinating stuff! I have thoroughly enjoyed digging into this and repeating some of your searches to test that I am doing the right thing. My Facebook Adcreator give me “audience” rather than “estimated reach” and while some of the numbers I get are very similar to your others are way less. Am I doing something wrong or could there be a different explanation as to the discrepancy?

    Now I want to see how I can use your process for persona research on other sectors that are not nearly as interesting as the one you have described, wish me luck!!

  • Liang Chen

    Saw your post SEOmoz, and followed through to here. This one is gonna take me weeks to digest, so I will be coming back as often as possible in the next few weeks.

  • Brian Jensen

    Marty, huge kudos to you for this beyond comprehensive resource on psychographic targeting, personas and for exposing the sheer power from utilizing multiple platforms to mine this data. The number and combined reach of the various persona possibilities that you uncovered was staggering to say the least. Innovative, exciting, brilliant, thanks.

    • Marty Weintraub

      Thanks Brian, We’re glad the post resonated.

  • Warren Whitlock

    Finally, a good way to target all the SEO experts who lost there way with the newest Panda update 🙂

    • Marty Weintraub

      Warren, TOTALLY 🙂

  • stephen

    Great post and information pointing us all the correct direction. Loved you book by the way ‘killer facebook ads’ 🙂

  • Eric Scism

    Absolutely incredible. I came here to check some demographic targeting info for a retargeting campaign that I was setting up. Now, I’m having to completely re-structure/re-think the campaign. Thanks Marty this was absolutely incredible.

  • Maryan Pelland

    When I read, and I read a LOT each day, I tend to skim. An 8 page post usually sends me clicking off to somewhere else. THIS piece had so much useable, understandable, and current info that I read each page, each word, and bookmarked it. I’ve been doing a lot of these things intuitively, but you drew me a road map. Right on.

  • Laura

    You should consider a print this article button. There is no good way to print this out and for longer content it’s so much easier for me to absorb when I get away from my computer….

    • Marty Weintraub

      Thanks for the feedback Laura.