Beluga Analytics Offers Demographics & Stats Behind Your Guiltiest Pleasures: JFFF!

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Gather round, kids – it’s time for another installment of Holy Heck, That A Nifty Tool! i.e. JFFF! i.e. Just For Fun Friday.

This week, we were introduced to Beluga, an open insights platform made available by the fine folks over at Grooveshark. This super cool site prompts visitors to enter a musical artist’s name, and behold! Oodles of good-looking graphs, figures, info, and data about said artist and his/her fanbase.

Beluga’s mission is to “benefit artists and equip the music industry with transparent, actionable data for confidently building artists’ careers and connecting with fans,” and that’s all well and good. But not everyone is a musician, and not everyone works for the music industry. Surely, there must be some alternate functions for this tool….

Alternate Function #1: Duh! Of course! Beluga is the ultimate tool for finally understanding the how’s and why’s (not to mention average annual income and television sets per household) behind some of the music industry’s most horrific ghastly disturbing WTF awkward bizarre slaptastic unforgettable ensembles.

For example, haven’t you always wondered where the largest population of Nickelback fans congregate? I know I have. The answer is: Scandinavia!

And how about the average level of book-smartness of a Nickelback fan? So many things we can learn!


Alternate Function #2:  Enter an artist you like, and see how well you match up against the criteria. For example, I make about double the typical fan of my all time favorite band, but own one less T.V. in my house, on average. Sounds totally entertaining, right? Right?? Whatever. It’s Friday. Make a drinking game out of it or something.

Alternate Function #3: Market paint-on tooth whitener to Justin Bieber Fans with compelling Facebook ads and a close-up of a certain someone’s majestically winsome smile.

Ironically, he’s rocking the pouty closed-mouth look in that shot, but… yeah…

Catchya next week! 🙂

Featured photo credit: Lynda Giddens
  • Matt

    Seriously though, the market research information here is excellent for Facebook demographic marketers. If the market research was available standalone & searchable in reverse, it would be devastating, what a cool tool Grooveshark built.