We love traveling the globe to speak at hallmark online marketing conferences, but sometime’s there’s nothing like kickin’ it in your own backyard with industry pals from around the world. For us, that means a trip down to the Twin Cities for MIMA Summit 2011, the largest annual marketing and technology conference in the Midwest.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of MIMA, and with a wealth of engaging tracks from content and storytelling to UX and Design, it’s sure to be an awesome event.

aimClear’s own Marty Weintraub will hit the stage today, Wednesday, October 12th @ 11:10 am CST to share top-shelf tips, tactics and techniques for Mining Deep Social Media Strategy From Search History. Read on for a closer look at his presentation.

Marty will lead audience members through the intricate and powerful parallels between search mar­ket­ing and social media, and how experience and insight on the former can be leveraged to advise and optimize the latter.

From mapping search to social to mashing up organic with paid social media tactics, attendees will walk away from this hardcore session armed a deep understanding of:

  • Using “Search” To Find Conversations & Users
  • Friend-Lead Seeking, Filtering & Selection & Conversion Techniques
  • Finding Valuable Friends In Twitter & Facebook
  • Literal & Inferred Contextual Targeting
  • Reaching Out For The Win!

If you’re at MIMA, this is must-attend gold. Not at the show? Tune into Twitter for live-tweets under the #MIMA hashtag.

As promised, here is the presentation, mima-aimClear-2011.zip

  • Corinna

    This was a great presentation. How can I get a copy of it to help support my social media/search efforts?

  • Rick

    I agree with Corinna. It was a great presentation and highly entertaining. I’d like a copy of that presentation, too. Lots to try to absorb.

  • Travis

    I conquer! Truly an enjoyable experience. I would also like a copy of your decks when available.

  • Lauren Litwinka

    Hi all, Lauren here – Publications Manager for aimClear blog. Happy to report Marty’s presentation will be made available here later today. Be sure to check back 🙂

  • jason

    Hello! Looking for Marty’s fantastic MIMA presentation. Is it available? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Marty Weintraub

    I’ve uploaded the .ppt at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

  • Megan

    I’m months behind. Loved the presentation, but I’m not able to download the Zip and don’t see the PowerPoint. Please help! Thanks

    • Marty Weintraub

      @Megan: Thanks for raising this. We reposted the .zip. Try the link again please.