It’s been interesting to note search journalists lobbing tongue and cheek verbiage like “PPC rockstar,” “Social Media rockstar” and other mutually indulgent hyperbole at Marty.

All seriousness aside, we were cleaning out the office today and found a poster, circa 1985, that left the weekend aimClear crew howling. In a momentary haze, Marty gave me permission to publish these pictures and I wanted to do so before he changed his mind!



Yup that’s Marty alright! He says:

“in retrospect I looked a lot like a much less attractive version of my mother. Back in the day I used a LOT of AquaNet extra-hold and (obviously) took things a bit too seriously :).”

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this blast from the past…

  • David Szetela


  • Marty Weintraub

    @David Szetela: It’s twu, it’s twu, it’s weally twu 🙂

  • David Szetela

    i have a man-crush on 80’s Marty.

    But definitely NOT Shane.

  • Scott Clark

    I seriously had a Tears for Fears moment there. Wow.

  • Lauren Litwinka

    wow. wow.


  • Marty Weintraub

    There are more…there are videos, Heading on the road to MSP to visit with clients. See ya’ tonight tweeps :).

  • Mark Ball

    kinda like a jim morrison with more hair.

  • Rick Rosar

    If Marty’s a pack rat like the rest of us…I bet the necklace is still around somewhere too!

  • Manny Rivas

    I’ve got my eyes peeled for any VHS tapes that might be hiding too. Stay tuned folks =)

  • Joanna Lord

    at least now I know what to put on shirts at cafe press for PubCon. watch out ’80s Marty…you just became the poster child of #PubCon…

    love it.

  • Laurie O’Neill

    So I really want to know what happened to Donny, Shane and Charlie!!!

  • Addie


  • Marty Weintraub

    Charlie Adams went on to be Yanni’s Drummer. In those days he was known as the upside drummer who soloed to the William Tell Overture strapped into a machine. He was the pride of Mr. Nibbs Minneapolis and a hell of a drummer. He was my roommate for about a year and…umm…I could tell you…um…stories.

    I don’t know about Shane (AKA “Wild Weasel”), Donny Paulson played in the Teddy Bear Band until his retirement and lots at Minnesota State Fairs for years. As for me, I’m thinking it’s about time to publish some the music from the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s.

    Thanks for all of the fun today. We’re thinking we should publish the music videos :O)

  • Jeff Randall

    Wow! A whole new side of Marty, thanks for sharing. Now I know what to ask him about at PubCon.

    Joanna, order a shirt for me too. hehe

  • Travis Norman

    Yus! For the win!

  • Risa

    YOU are the original SEO Rockstar. There’s no doubt about it now!

  • David

    Marty mate classic photos, i want to see the music videos 😉

  • Joanne Cirillo

    Seeing this photo is the best thing that has happened to me in a month. I will always see you this way in my mind’s eye.

  • Marty Weintraub

    @Joanne Cirillo: Don’t make promises you’re not going to keep 🙂 .

  • Andrea Starin

    OMG!!!! See if you can find the videos of me and Lisa playing in the pit at BV Center!! I still have all the original Boundary Water stuff you gave me!!

  • Eric Barkdull


    I think you should go back to this look!!! Just cyber surfing and found this. Hope all is well with you and your family.
    wish I could get Kurt and visit MN for a few days.

    Eric Barkdull
    Shelby, Ohio

    • Marty Weintraub

      @Eric Barkdull: I still look like that inside :). It’s great to hear from you. Please send my regards to Kurt.

  • Eric Barkdull

    Howdy Marty,

    Eric Barkdull

  • Chris B

    Wow!! Never saw these pics of you before! Crushin’ 🙂