Farewell from Orlando Florida, where SMX Travel@PhoCusWright is winding down. Travel is a massive Internet segment and this conference was informative.

Conference coverage posts don’t typically generate tons of comments or stimulate ongoing dialog in any blog’s threads, but it’s among the most satisfying work we do. My head is delightfully full. 🙂

Conference Chair Chris Sherman, and Chris Elwell, Partner & President, Third Door Media (Parent company of Search Engine Land and SMX) have jetted off to London for SMX London which begins in a matter of hours. Thanks to both gentlemen for making aimClear feel so welcome here. Blizzard Internet Marketing  and John Wellis also posted from the event.

SMX Travel Day 2
Today’s agenda featured 2 dedicated SMX sessions, “Meet the Travel Meta Search Engines” and “Competitive Research for Travel Marketers” The rest of the day was comprised of PhoCusWright events including, what will become my favorite memory of the conference, the “First Ever Travel Industry Bloggers Summit: Travel Industry Blogger Get Together.”

I had the privilege of engaging in dialog with a number of interesting travel industry bloggers hailing from South Deerfield, Massachusetts to British Columbia. aimClear informally moderated a session on the benefits of outbound linking as clickbaiting and linkbaiting tactics.

I think our search marketing community can be proud of our propensity to linkbait. The travel bloggers we met were incredibly thirsty for anecdotes about the types of tactics we SEMs employ, without sacrificing the authenticity of our content. aimClear was proud to represent, albeit informally, our community to these travel folks.

We’ll be back in the office late tomorrow afternoon. Until then, safe travels to all.

  • John W Ellis

    It was a great conference. I was happy to be included.

    Here are my Notes from SMX Travel