The Savvy B2B Marketers’ Guide To Mastering Highly Technical Industries


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Developing a fresh partnership with a new client is an exciting time for both the agency and client alike, but it also might mean ramping up on an unfamiliar industry. Similarly, the client may be diving into unfamiliar marketing territory. It’s essential for the agency team to absorb, learn and embrace the client’s business quickly… Read More


Gorgeous Retargeting Filters! Merging Search & Psychographic Ads


Working at aimClear means we’re blessed with daily opportunities to take zoomed-out snapshots of marketing systems, from simple structures to epic enterprise-organisms. The most basic audit questions are easy. “Does this marketing system generate enough conversions or not?” “If not, then why?” As front-line auditors there’s not always tons of time for assessment, which is… Read More

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Holy #SMX! Merry Morud To Speak On Paid Social In Jerusalem


Merry Morud, Social Advertising Director at aimClear, has landed on the other side of the world. She’s going to speaking at SMX Israel, a treasured Middle Eastern online marketing conference. The SMX Israel agenda is comprised of a full day of sessions and keynotes for SEOs, SEMs, SMOs and affiliate marketers to swap ideas and… Read More

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The #PPC Magic Kingdom: Keys To Constructing Thematic Campaigns


Building a paid search campaign is by no means a simple process. There are a lot of moving parts within ad platforms themselves. If you tack on business objectives, goals, and needs, it’s easy for your organizational process get muddied quickly.  This post outlines methodology for building campaigns using major themes in a business’s product or service… Read More

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Social Agency Shopping? 12 Brutal Questions (& 6 Point-Blank Tests) Separate Innovators From Posers


Shopping for a new social media agency can be a tricky process because so many poser firms have hung “social media agency” shingles. It’s extraordinary that some agencies making that claim have little background or depth actually executing social.  This article offers questions and easy to utilize flash knowledge-tests that no poser agency could bullsh*t… Read More

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