Australia! aimClear Thrilled To Keynote PeSA, Gold Coast

aimClear is thrilled to announce that I’ll be keynoting PeSA, a superb niche’ ecommerce selling conference held annually on Australia’s stunning Gold Coast. Well over 800 marketers are in attendance, from small businesses to some of Australia’s most formidable ecommerce players, vendors and media outlets.  Just steps from an incredibly beautiful beach, the Gold Coast Convention and… Read More


Zenith2014! Duluth’s Social Marketing Conference Speakers’ Preview Part 2 (See Ya Next Week)


As promised, we’re back for round two of this year’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference’s speaker preview! Zenith is exactly one week away, and we’re looking forward to a brilliant gathering of some of the online marketing industry’s most respected thought leaders. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t fret. There’s still time! If you have,… Read More

Zenith SocialCon


Retargeting, YouTube & Tricks of the Trade! Catch Manny Rivas at #SMXLondon


The editor of Prentice Hall Business Books was wrong, but it was also 1957 so we’ll cut him some slack. Data processing is more than a fad – it’s where retargeting was born. Speaking of being born, how do you think Target can estimate an expectant mother’s due date and send coupons timed to her… Read More

SMX London


Content Marketing Geek Out! Should Social Posts Target Multiple Audiences & Intersecting KPIs?


Surfing Twitter last week, an active Twitter user pitched an excellent question @aimClear.  She asked should social media messaging be targeted to a singular objective? Or, can social messaging target multiple audiences and objectives? The question was thought-provoking and pushed our content marketing geek buttons. This article offers our slant on multi-audience, multipurpose social content… Read More

Content  /  Social KPIs


Bad #PPC Kitties! Systematic AdWords Structure Illustrated


Introduction Like anything cool, PPC display placements are aggregated data targetable in layers. It’s important to appreciate, logistically, how these layers impact reports and how to employ the data as a tactical advantage. Analogy Let’s use the familiar analogy of a warehouse that stores and ships kittens. Our campaigns are the warehouse, and adgroups are sectors in… Read More

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