Google Audio Radio Ads are Here!

For years prescient industry pundits and sages have been forecasting this happy day of convergence. Google audio radio ads are here and guess what-SEM firms are the new radio media buyers. Yippy Skippy! Tonight I stumbled upon Google Audio’s mass launch of Google Audio Ads in the dashboard of a Minneapolis client’s account. In April […]

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SEM Links for Lunchtime Mobile Reading

Here are few SEM links from blog land to read over Lean Cuisine Measuring Pay Per Click Performance Search Marketing Standard Magazine Handing Over the Keys to Your Google AdWords Account What is the safest way to delegate those responsibilities to a third-party company? Yahoo Being Sued For Faulty Ad Platform Search Engine Watch Blog […]


Avoid the PPC Ramp Up Money Pit

Pay per click advertising, like most every aspect of search marketing, is about understanding and executing on the basics. When blocking and tackling new PPC accounts there is an ever present cash pit lurking if your aim is too broad. We’ve watched PPC newbies, from the traditional advertising agency world, waste obscene amounts of cash […]

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Digg Quits Policing Illegal DVD Rip-off Code

DVD Hack on Mainstream Site It’s just 32 tiny little numbers but for the average teenage valley tech kid it’s the key to unlock copy protected DVDs at the expense of big American intellectual property corporations. In the wrong hands this code (in tandem with black hat software) beats protective mechanisms on commercial High definition Blu-ray […]


Pew Research Categorizes Web 2.0 Users

The Pew Internet and American Life Project has released research results in which 4001 adults in the United States were segmented into groups categorized by attitudes and usage of mobile phones and the Internet. I was somewhat surprised at the results which revealed that the Web 2.0 user crowd is actually quite small. The survey, […]


Google Analytics Upgrade, the Latest Authority Blog Buzz Posts

When Google’s makeover of Google Analytics was unveiled on Tuesday we received quite a bit of traffic from Technorati for our early review. Understandably there is a huge amount of commotion in the blog world regarding the enhancements. Here are the latest buzz posts from “authority” SEM publications in case you need a little light […]


Cable TV Internet Convergence

NAB 1997 It was about 10 years ago or so that I was walking the floor at NAB. Everywhere the word “convergence” was being tossed around faster than the poker chips over at Caesars. Back then, no one was fully aware of what it meant. Somehow, technologies were going to seamlessly merge and create a […]

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The Collision of Television and SEM

I am pleased to announce a new series of articles regarding the convergence and consolidation of media channels. Since traditional channels like broadcast, print, and cable are folding into the Internet at an ever increasing rate this topic has become incredibly relevant. Like everyone else in my age group (don’t ask don’t tell) most of […]

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aimClear Speaks Today at Minneapolis Music Business College

Today I am scheduled to guest lecture at the Institute of Production of Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The audience will be comprised of teachers and students in the “Associate in Applied Science Degree Program Music and Entertainment Business” program with discussion centering around content management systems, SEM, SEO, Blogging and social media.