6 Reasons to Love StumbleUpon

First, welcome to SU friends checking out this post. As background, aimClear blog’s readership is made up primarily of our medium and large size corporate and regional advertising agency clients. Believe it or not many of them have never even heard of StumbleUpon. Given SU’s propensity to drive significant amounts of traffic and generate quality […]

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Google Video Ads are here NOW!

Inside AdWords, Google’s official source for information about AdWords, has been trumpeting the arrival of Click-to-play video ads for AdWords. Yippy Skippy I woke up this morning to find the new video ad serving features in our AdWords client manager account interface! Video (and image) ads now appear on a high number of Google content […]

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Be a Power Blogger. Link to Competitors.

First I want to welcome any experienced bloggers who followed the pingback-invitation to this post. We appreciate your traffic. aimClear Blog is a search marketing blog for in-house, agency, advertising and PR professionals. In our travels we’ve learned the average Internet marketing client needs introductory guidance regarding blog basics like trackbacks, pingbacks, MyBlogLog, social bookmarks, […]


Actionable Analytics-Pay Attention to the Bounce Rate.

Modern Analytics packages offer a statistic (we hate to read) called the “Bounce Rate.” Bounce Rate is different than the “Exit Rate” measurement and speaks to how many visitors entire a site on a landing page only to leave from the same landing page without going any further within the site. It’s especially ugly to […]

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Search Marketing Blogs Band Together to Give Charities Link Love

This post is of personal importance to me. While my prognosis for a normal life expectancy is now excellent, this August marks the two year anniversary of my diagnosis of cancer (stage 3B lymphoma). Because of the amazing folks at Mayo Clinic, I’m OK. Many others are not so lucky. It took me 7 months […]

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Google Universal Search Changes Everything.

Google is deploying the most significant changes to its results pages in history, unveiling “Universal Search,” which aggregates listings from Google news, video, images, local, and book searches with traditional website searches. Vertical searches (specialty search engines) which index images, video, local, news, blogs, etc… will soon be fully interspersed with Google search results. This […]


Free WordTracker Keyword Suggestion Tool

There has been a revolution of keyword research tools over time. The first introduction to keyword research for most of us was years ago with the free overture keyword tool, which was the basis for many an early PPC campaign. Overture became Yahoo and provided insight into Yahoo’s keyword “inventory.” it was revolutionary. Now with […]


How do Search Engines Rank site websites?

The following search engine optimization resource has been widely reported on. That said, I bring this SEOMOZ report forward to our readership because NOT everybody reads the same daily trade publications. 37 organic search leaders (ok pioneers) voted on their estimation of what website attributes are attractive to Google’s ranking algorithm. This is a blow-away […]


Google Audio Radio Ads are Here!

For years prescient industry pundits and sages have been forecasting this happy day of convergence. Google audio radio ads are here and guess what-SEM firms are the new radio media buyers. Yippy Skippy! Tonight I stumbled upon Google Audio’s mass launch of Google Audio Ads in the dashboard of a Minneapolis client’s account. In April […]

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