Is Your Website Plugged into the Blog Linking Grid?

Many skilled and experienced marketing professionals do not yet understand that the blog structure is the killer SEM enabled content management system. I know first hand what it means to misperceive blogging software. Though aimClear mashes up chunks of blog functionality behind many websites we work with, it took a few years to become personally […]


Social Media Mirrors Physical Life.

The term “social media” provokes a continuum of reactions ranging from parents concerned about MySpace predators (rightly so) to Internet marketing folks invested in leveraging traffic with blog technology enabled online media rooms. It’s interesting to note that, while millions of people participate in sites like StumbleUpon, Wikipedia, FaceBook, Squidoo, Digg, Netscape, Furl, Reddit,, […]

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Google makes it Official: WebPosition Gold™ is Dead.

In early June, Google updated their webmaster guidelines and included specific intent to kill WebPosition as the poster child for Google’s disdain for automated queries. Since WebPosition has been best friend to many (including me) for years, it was a disappointing development. However before we really get going here, it should be noted that organic […]

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Online Display Ad Growth Eclipses Traditional Channels.

Internet display ad expenditures jumped 17% in quarter 1 while total advertising spending dropped. 2 major media research firm surveys reveal that online advertising is again the bright spot in an otherwise miserable advertising market. As reported by CNN on Wednesday, TNS Media Intelligence research data indicates that online display advertising (excluding search) grew a […]

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Mobile Search Optimization Essentials

First, for a sobering look at how your site parses in mobile browsers, check out these mobile preview applications: Skweezer, Google, and the live demo of Opera Mini. Chances are your site is not immediately navigable in the mobile environment or you’ll hate what it looks like. When polled during a recent Chris Sherman mobile […]

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Panama Click Source Quality Tweaks

Lawyers quip about “selling the other party a vest with no arms,” which means ceding the opposition a settlement solution which sounds accommodating but gives up little. Yesterday’s Yahoo Search Marketing announcement regarding discounted PPC click-throughs for low value traffic could be just that. The source quality tweaks purport to address the sometimes fuzzy value […]

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Wikipedia, SEO Monster for Brand Managers

Search Engine Land Executive Editor Chris Sherman is fond of pointing out that [Social Media means] “Internet way-finding tools informed by human judgment.’ Informed’ can mean many things including egregiously uninformed.” From manufacturing to intellectual property, industry brand stewards have been forced to accept the reality of Collaborative directories like Prefound, Zimbio, and Wikipedia. There […]


Will ebay Wreck StumbleUpon?

Via techCrunch: eBay announced a cash acquisition today valued at $75 million for the purchase the social community site StumbleUpon. eBay indicated that StumbleUpon will further their “goal of pioneering new communities based on commerce and sustained by trust.” eBay is installing Michael Buhr (requires login) as general manager for the product and they intend […]

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10 WordPress Weekly Buzz Links

Here are some highlight’s from this weeks SU WordPress buzz, with links to each reviewer’s SU profile. Weblog Tools Collection & Blog Archive & Announcing WordPress Pl… scorpion68a Interesting competition. It seems that we are going to improve our plugins collection. Introducing ProSense: An Adsense Ready SEO WordPress Theme VladTheAffiliate From the page: “Featuring built-in […]