Chart 6 shows worldwide interest for Duluth in the Vacation Destinations category since late 2006, when the sampling became substantial enough for Google to measure. Interest is about the same now as it was 2006.

Duluth Search Interest Compared To Other Places
In the following sequence of charts we compare search interest trends for Duluth, Ann Arbor, Lake Tahoe, Napa, The Grand Canyon, BWCA, Hilton Head, Nantucket, Yellowstone, Key West. One could debate intrinsic similarities and differences between Duluth and each destination. Terrific! That’s the idea. Remember that this study is meant to compare and contrast Duluth’s reach and reputation to other famous places, great and small, for perspective on what we’ve attained for our investment.

Lake Tahoe has very interesting historic similarities to Duluth. Tahoe’s timeline, size, mining history, ragged transition to tourism, lean years, early wealth, proximity to metropolitan areas and natural splendor make it an interesting comparison. Napa and the Grand Canyon represent United States destinations that have gone big time and are on the comparison grid because they represent brand fame that Duluth aspires to achieve. We also studied awareness of the BWCA because it’s so close to home and has little centralized marketing resources.

Again we’ll begin with all categories before delving into tourism and hospitality themed categories.

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