Duluth Hotels, International Interest All Categories: Charts 1 & 2

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Chart 1 (below) graphs worldwide search interest for “Duluth hotel,”  “Duluth hotels,” and permutations thereof in all categories. This cluster of keywords is a good marker for worldwide travelers’ interest. Obviously if somebody is searching for a hotel in Duluth or related terms, they are at least considering a trip and are aware of Duluth. Because we’re looking at all categories, ostensibly these searches are from Google users who would come to Duluth for all reason, not just travel, recreation or other tourism motivations. You’ll find our analysis below each chart, throughout the Insights portion of this study.

Chart 1 indicates that international search interest across all categories, for keywords related to “Duluth Hotel” and “Duluth Hotels,” is lower than 2004.

Proving Insights Semantic Clusters
So we’re all on the same page, Chart 2 gives examples of keywords in the semantic cluster being measured for our filtered query, “duluth hotel -ga -georgia + duluth hotels -ga –georgia,” which removes keywords about “GA” and “Georgia” from the mix.

Chart 2: Top keywords graphed in Google Insights for Search surrounding “duluth hotel -ga -georgia + duluth hotels -ga –georgia.”

[Read this section only if you’re a technical marketing geek.] Insights is very smart in how related searches are mapped in clusters surrounding semantic concepts. Google documents that a keywords in quotes matches an exact phrase. It’s not hard to prove that excluding quotes generates broader keywords, even though Google does not document that. It’s easy to confirm the effects by watching the trend-graphs and example keywords for various Boolean combinations. Google does tell us that the + sign means the OR operator and – sign means excluding whatever keyword follows. [End geek.]

The next series of charts show interest for Duluth, worldwide, in various categories of Google search, over time.

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