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SoLoMo OMG! Social, Local & Mobile Hook Up @ #SMX Advanced

Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SMX Advanced! Let’s be honest – by and large, ours is a culture fixated on instant gratification, real-time engagement, the here and now. In such a fast-paced world, it’s no surprise we leverage shorthand vernacular where we can. From OMG to LOL to IITYWIMIWHTKY, we’ve got an acronym for […]

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Sweet Scoop: aimClear® Facebook Marketing Intensive,#SMX Advanced

Well friends, it’s that time of year again. SMX Advanced is all set to take place in soggy lovely Seattle next week, June 7-8, and we’re just stoked. The aimClear team is heading westward to participate in this hallmark event– Lauren (yours truly) will be churning out live coverage (via @beebow) and full write-ups right […]


One Social Media Tactic Your Business Must Embrace

Is your business listening and responding appropriately to those who reach out? Last February our post, 6 Superb First Social Media Tactics For Business caught some buzz and conversation. We discussed the importance of listening and offering unconditional service to new friends and customers, when they obviously seek to engage The more I travel the […]

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Conflict or Crisis? The Community Manager’s Dilemma Decoder Ring

Welcome, fellow community managers, to the first installment of aimClear’s tips for lowering blood pressure, keeping cool, and effectively engaging irate customers in cyberspace, also know as part one of The Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed. We unveiled this series last week with a sympathetic yet motivating  20,000 foot glimpse at the utter crud conflicts some of […]


The Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed

Deep online marketers are beautiful people. Especially when we don our community management hats. We’re graceful, witty, and resourceful. We’re likeable and calculating. We know that data-driven community management paves a smooth road for purposeful engagement, which in turn, makes us friends who matter– friends who turn into customers, maybe even brand evangelists, beacons of […]


How to Track Social Media Metrics Like A Rockstar

Day 1 of #SESNY wrapped up with sweet, petite, brutally-honest Noran El-Shinnawy, Internet Marketing Manager with Acquisio. Her first order of business was to address the forbidden term: “Voldemort” “Social Media Expert” (or “Social Media Guru”… *shudder*)… a term that seems to worm into way too many Twitter bios. Noran’s two cents:  “All that term means is […]


#FollowFriday, My #FF Tricked Out Tweet Exchange of the Week, Thanks @sarita & @aeklund, Please Retweet :)

When it comes to the quaint custom of #FollowFriday, I often wish that tweeps’ recommendations came with explanations, speaking to why I should follow their friends.  In that spirit, this post offers my #FollowFriday recommendations for today, Sara Holoubek and Andrew Ecklund, with explanations of why I enjoy their tweets. 

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Facebook SEO, Ranking Factors & Visibility Hacks

This past summer we published Facebook SEO Ranking Factors, 2010 Study Results, marking our second in-depth study on Facebook internal search since the social network behemoth announced significant search enhancements over a year ago. Shortly before those June 2010 results were released, Facebook’s search share increased approximately 48%, amounting to about 2.7% of U.S. searches. At first blush, that […]

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Mayo Clinic & What Happens When a Facebook Wall Goes Terribly Wrong

A firestorm has erupted on the Mayo Clinic Facebook Fan Page wall. Whether the allegations against Mayo doctor Aivars Slucis, accusing him of being a racist are true, the spiteful rhetoric makes for one ugly fan page.

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