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Google+! All It’s Cracked Up to Be & MORE: The Brent Csutoras #SMX Social Interview

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Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of SMX Social from Las Vegas! We continue our video interview series as Marcela De Vivo interviews Brent Csutoras, Owner and Social Media Consultant for Kairay Media, about the social channel that seems to be all the rage these days: Google+. Statistics show that Google+ is fast becoming a staple… Read More

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Walmart’s Fraking Website Issues Cost More Than Just $$$$$


Things go wrong on websites all the time. For big brands, a simple website glitch can cost millions of dollars and lately, there’s been a whole lot of glitching going on.  Everyone homes in on the amount of dollars lost. I’d like to point out that there is a lot more at stake. Earlier this… Read More

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Pinterest Content Unraveled! Tasty Pinning Tactics Served Hot By Michelle Ignacio


Social media has evolved into more than just another way to get your brand’s key messages and sales to the public.  Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter are all platforms for customer service, driving traffic to a brand’s page, customer engagement, and the list goes on. Many brands, however, fail to realize how these platforms are… Read More

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Imagine the Possibilites! How Twitter Lead Gen Cards Can Increase ROI


Twitter cards! Is your brand using them yet? This vastly underutilized feature is a really cool way to make your brand’s Twitter account stand apart from its competitors.  Not only can brands share and display their content in big, fun ways, but more importantly, they can gain leads and increase ROI! Of all the Twitter… Read More

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Facebook and Twitter Faux Pas! Social Media Tips for Brands


Social media is a gathering place for people to share their thoughts and opinions, ask for feedback, keep track of out of state relatives, poll friends on the best Mexican food in town, and the list goes on. If you’re a brand using social media, these activities probably differ somewhat. Whether it’s important to your… Read More

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