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Spreecast: What’s Up With The New Social Video Darling, Plus How It Can Build Your Brand


A few weeks back we covered Vine, a new app for recording and sharing bite-sized videos. This time around, we’re discussing a different video-oriented social platform that’s gaining some serious clout – Spreecast. What’s A Spreecast? Spreecast is a free, live-streaming video-broadcasting platform with integrated social media. Basically, users can broadcast live video while interacting… Read More

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Pimp Those Clips: Using PR Coverage for Social Lead Gen


Make no mistake about it: coverage resulting from media-relations efforts is a point of pride. The public relations agency proudly presents the article to their client contacts in the marketing department, who share it with the c-suite, VPs, sales reps—anyone who’ll listen. They may purchase reprints to distribute to prospective customers, hang a matted copy… Read More

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The Skinny on Pinterest Secret Boards: Leveraging Pins For Business Wins!


Happy Holidays, one and all! It was a merry November indeed for Pinterest fans, what with the dual release of secret boards and official business accounts! Chrismahanukwanzakah come early!  Can’t wait to see what this social bookmarking darling has up its sleeve for December . While business accounts have obviously awesome perks galore, it’s secret boards that have got us… Read More

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Back To The Future: True Facebook ROI In The Classic Subscription Model


There’s been a lot of discussion over the years regarding the viability of Facebook as a marketing channel. Everything has been challenged, from FB Ads to the value of Likes. That’s good. Most of the conversation is bunk, the same way soothsayers have been saying that SEO is dead, for years and years. #Snooze. There… Read More

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From Pinterest to Reddit: Advanced Tactics For Hardcore Social Domination #SMX


What’s the name of this conference again? Oh yeah. #SMX Advanced. No freakin’ joke. To put it mildly, this ain’t your neighborhood marketing n00b’z backyard BBQ. The Advanced arm of beloved industry conference Search Marketing Expo hit the ground at a raging sprint today… no warm-fuzzy welcome chats, no high-level introductions, and certainly no pussyfootin’ around.… Read More

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