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Copywriters Take Note: Keywords Exposed as Secret to Success at #SMX 2012

It’s officially here! Day 1 of SMX West 2012, that is. After a smashing success at yesterday’s aimClear Facebook Marketing Workshop, we’re ready for the main event. Starting our Tuesday morning off with a delicious cup of coffee in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, attendees headed on over to the first of the SMX […]


Announcing aimClear #SMX West 2012 Speaking & Blogging Schedule

Time warp! SMX West is next week already, and we can barely control our excitement for this year’s conference in sunny San Jose. With a busy schedule planned, aimClear will be speaking, attending, blogging, live-tweeting, mingling, and taking every precaution to make sure we share as much coverage as possible from the San Jose McEnery […]


Dennis Goedegebuure Dishes on SEO, from Enterprise to Pocket-Sized Sites

Dennis Goedegebuure, VP of Internet Marketing at Geeknet Inc., is an all-around SEO superdude. His current chief professional responsibility is to drive massive traffic to a variety of sites with fabulous names the likes of Slashdot, Sourceforge and Freshmeat. Prior to Geeknet, Dennis was on the eBay team for nearly a decade, donning various online marketing hats, […]


Eternal SEO Staples, Brewskis, & Kitty Cats: What Makes Todd Friesen Tick

“Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.” Says so right in his Twitter bio. That should be all you need to know about Todd Friesen, right? Well, let’s dig a bit deeper. Who is Todd Friesen? He’s an SEO strategist, consultant, and straight up pioneer, kicking it in cyberspace for well over a […]


Tweet Tips, Role Models, & Social Media No-Nos: A Look at Dana Lookadoo

Lookadoo. Does a groovier last name exist?  Studies* show that four out of five marketers don’t believe it’s a real surname at first- convinced instead it’s some cutting-edge, clever brand alias thought up by a Mad-Men-tastic team on the top floor of a swank skyscraper.  She once explained to me at a networking event in Vegas […]

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SEO Copy, Google SPYW, & Salamanders: The Heather Lloyd-Martin Story

If you’ve spent any serious time on the search marketing conference circuit, you’re no doubt familiar with Heather Lloyd-Martin. Maybe you saw a flash of her signature red hair when you poked your head in the Speakers’ Room, or watched as she dazzled crowds, trading hats from lively moderator to panelist to presenter (averaging 327 […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to aimClear’s Facebook Intensive Workshop @ #SMX West

Riiiiiiing! Hear that bell? It’s about that time again for eager Facebook marketers to take a seat in mama’s kitchen classroom. Starting off bright and early on Monday, February 27th, the aimClear crew (plus one very special guest) will set up shop in sunny California’s San Jose McEnery Convention Center, rearing to talk Facebook advertising […]

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aimClear’s Facebook Marketing Workshop Gets Rad Makeover @ #SMX West

A new year calls for a new look… at least, that’s what any hot-blooded fashionista will tell you. Here at aimClear, we’re embracing that concept and mapping it to, among other things, our Facebook Marketing Intensive— just in time for it’s one year anniversary, to boot. Yes, it was one year ago we unveiled our […]