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PPC Quality Score: Cracking the Code @ #SESSF

Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESSF 2011! The ever elusive PPC Quality Score, often regarded as enigmatic a mystery right up there with the ancient sphinx, has attracted, baffled, bewildered, and haunted many a marketer since the dawn of paid search. Day 3 of Search Engine Strategies, San Fran edition brought about the Ads in […]

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Get Exposed! Deep Content Marketing Optimization Tips from #SESSF

Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of #SES San Francisco! A true content wizard, Lee Odden’s (@leeodden) Content Marketing Optimization session reminded the audience that content can make or break your website. When you’re looking to optimize your site, you have to take everything from rich media to web pages to digital assets to PDF […]


Landing Page Optimization Tactics: Show That LP Some TLC! #SESSF

Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESSF! Listen up, marketers. Are you giving your landing page the TLC it deserves? You’re not?! Well optimized landing pages make the world of difference between regular old eyeballs on your site and true blue conversions. If you’ve got a low conversion rate on (because of?) your landing page, […]

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WordPress SEO: Embrace the CMS, Empower the People #SESSF

Day 2 of #SESSF fired out the gate in awesome fashion with WordPress: Power to the People. This session, moderated by Matthew Bailey (@sitelogic), featured in-depth looks at the SEO capabilities of sites like WordPress. Speakers Christopher Auman (@sanctuarymg), President and Senior Strategist of Santuary Media Group, and Paulo Pessanha (@treetweet), Director of Search Marketing at TREE truly empowered […]


Prepare for Battle! Online Brand Protection Tips From #SESSF

Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESSF 2011! The Interwebz. It has changed our lives forever– the way we learn, communicate, share, and of course, shop. Thanks to powerful and ubiquitous e-Commerce functionality, we can buy sweaters, CDs, sex toys, even spaghetti take-out all from the comfort of our own homes, oftentimes in our underwear […]

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Gussy Up Your Content! #SESSF Tips for Making Stale Content Sexy

Welcome back to coverage of Day 1 #SESSF! Whether you believe online content is king, queen, or almighty empress of the universe, one thing’s for sure: content is sexy. Or, at least, it should be. How else can it be expected to gain attention from social communities, garner traffic, eyeballs, links in abundance, and eventually […]

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Bill Hunt Blueprints Mastermind Keyword Modeling @ #SESSF

Welcome back to aimClear’s continuing coverage of #SESSF. Keyword research is a primary cog in PPC and SEO systems alike. There is no question, leveraging intent-based semantic insight for prospective customers can directly influence lift in the bottom line. Over the past year, though, the addition of Google Instant and intent-based Bing search results has made […]

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Social Media Solutions for the Wallet-Conscious: Two Cents from #SESSF

Welcome to aimClear’s coverage of #SES San Francisco 2011! Feeling blue over your company’s lack of funds for social media? Lusting over the top quality video production and team of whip-smart writers employed by Old Spice? Overwhelmed by the rich world of social media marketing and all the heavy-weight competition? Fear no more. Search Engine Strategies […]