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Globe-Trotting 2012: aimClear Sets Sights on the East for #SES NY

We’re just about to kick off month three of the New Year, and already the aimClear team has skyrocketed back and forth between Hawaii, San Diego, Portland, San Jose, and probably a handful of other cities escaping our memory at the moment – all on a whirlwind first leg of our 2012 conference calendar. This […]


Panda Watch! #SESNY’s Google Spankfest Round Table

Day #2 at #SESNY picked up after lunch with a great opportunity to scream, cry, learn, prepare, & group hug. Whether your [website’s] bottom was sore from a recent Google-spanking (warranted or not), you wanted to prepare for a future inevitable spanking, or just wanted to know what the hell people meant when they kept referring to […]

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Tips For Targeting Latinos Online: New @ #SESNY

Day 2 at #SESNY kicked off with a groundbreaking keynote. But wait. Let’s rewind. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Lima of Lima Consulting on the topic of Digital Marketing To Latino Users. The Q&A was an eye-opening peek at the opportunity represented by the growing online Hispanic market, and a serious appeteaser to […]

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How to Track Social Media Metrics Like A Rockstar

Day 1 of #SESNY wrapped up with sweet, petite, brutally-honest Noran El-Shinnawy, Internet Marketing Manager with Acquisio. Her first order of business was to address the forbidden term: “Voldemort” “Social Media Expert” (or “Social Media Guru”… *shudder*)… a term that seems to worm into way too many Twitter bios. Noran’s two cents:  “All that term means is […]


Breakfast of Champions: 6 Tasty SEM Strategies from #SESNY

Welcome to Day 1 of #SESNY! Whether your company’s goal is to make a trillion friends or a trillion dollars, a solid SEM strategy is a serious cornerstone of success. Consider it the well-balanced breakfast of champion marketers. A healthy blend of organic, paid, contextual, and conversion optimization (plus, of course, two scoops of raisins and […]


#SESNY ’11: aimClear’s At-A-Glance Agenda

Ah, Spring… shining sun, fresh blades of grass, the scent of search conferences…  fresh snow on the ground?! Oh, Mother Nature, ever the cruel sense of humor you possess. Well, snow or no snow, today is the first day of Spring, and what better place to ring in the season of youth, beauty and rejuvenation […]


6 Reasons Why SES New York Is Quintessential

Greetings readers! Search Engine Strategies New York 2011 looms large and straight-ahead, kicking off on Tuesday in the Big Apple. This will be my 5th straight SES NY and it never grows old.  There are a hundred reasons why this annual online marketing conclave is classic. Here are 6 of them: 1-The sessions are highly […]

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Sage Advice From A Twitter Strategist: Q&A with Hollis Thomases

Hollis Thomases (@hollisthomases) is referred to as, among other things, an award-winning entrepreneur, accomplished author, and total Twitter powerhouse. To me, she’s all of those, as well as a friend. Founder of, a digital media strategy agency, Hollis has been a familiar face on the search marketing circuit for well over a decade. Seasoned and sharp, […]

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