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Happy Birthday Google Website Optimizer! What’s New With You?

Google Website Optimizer just celebrated its 1st birthday this week. Tom Leung, Business Product Manager for GWS presented What’s New With Google Website Optimizer today at Search Engine Strategies New York. This amazing FREE service lets users test different versions of their site and plays nicely with Google Analytics (also FREE) to tell them how […]


SES New York Day 2 … Start Your Engines!

Day 1 of Search Engine Strategies New York certainly lived up to expectations. The sessions were excellent, the city is spectacular, and I was fortunate enough to meet up with a large number of new and old friends. The day ended for most with a St. Paddy’s day pub crawl, primarily through Irish bars :).

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Expect Barking Cats? Customers Redefined

It’s Monday March 17, (I forgot to wear green!) and I’m excited to be covering the first seminar of the day at Search Engine Strategies New York, Redefining The Customer, presented by Jeffrey Eisenberg (subbing for brother Bryan who is here but down with “the crud.”) Bryan and Jeffrey are co-authors of Waiting For Your […]


From Camel’s Eyelids to Auto-geolocation: the Future of Mobile and Local Search

Mobile applications and local searches continue to penetrate deeper into the mobile user experience, and exciting developments are on the horizon. Mobile and Local Search: Finding the Way was moderated by Michael Boland, Senior Analyst, The Kelsey Group. Speakers at this Search Engine Strategies seminar all brought knowledge from different corners of the mobile and […]


Search Landscape in The UK & Europe, SearchEngine Strategies NYC 2008

As mentioned in part 1 of the “Search Around the World” Series, what do you do when your primary markets are hyper competitive, and increasing sales or marketshare is extremely difficult or expensive? Answer … expand to secure a presence in different countries. In many cases, the economic and business climates of Europe and the […]

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Latin America, Australia, and Asia! The Emergence of Global Search

This is the second post in continued coverage of SES New York, and the series on Search in Asia, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The last post looked at China and Japan. This post will look at the other 3 countries discussed in the session, namely Australia, Singapore, and Latin America

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Asian Markets: 900lb Global Search Gorilla

How best to grow your firm when your primary markets are hyper competitive? This is a question many many companies ask themselves routinely.Begs the question; why not look to additional markets? There is absolutely no better place or opportunity for growth than in Asia, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Not only do many of these […]


SES NYC: Total Search Marketing Immersion

From novice to expert, Search Engine Strategies conferences traditionally provide immediate tactical insights regarding organic optimization, PPC, usability, ROI tracking/analytics, link building and much more. This year aimClear welcomes respected guest bloggers Jeff Quipp (SearchEnginePeople) and Charlene Jaszewski (Uber-journalist) to our live blogging fold. Jeff will also be helping out with SearchEngineRoundTable’s award winning conference […]

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aimClear On Wing to SEMpdx Searchfest

20 minutes in the office this morning, a stop at the attorney to sign and notarize legal documents, an hour @ Sprint testing the new Blackberry World Phone, a short hop from Duluth, 3 hours of work in the Minneapolis airport NWA lounge, and finally we get to enjoy a relaxing upgraded-up-to-first-class flight to Portland […]

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