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If I Were Marooned in the Caribbean

This is a time of year when everyone comes out with their “best of this” or “most influential of that” sort of posts. This is our contribution to the end-of-year sharing of personal favorites. If I were marooned on a Caribbean island and could only read 6 search marketing blogs, Online Marketing Blog would be […]

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Selling an SEM Firm: Real-World Overview

This incredibly relevant session featured the generous tutelage of Patricia Hall, Investment Banker, Hallmark Capital. She walked the audience, comprised primarily of search related business owners, through a brilliant real-world overview of how the financial community looks at the SEM industry and evaluates companies for potential investment or sale. Even if you’re not thinking about […]


The Unfiltered Reality of SES Chicago

Much has been written about the inevitable evolution of Search Engine Strategies which, though destined to occur eventually, happened cold turkey this week with the overlapping of PubCon. We’ll I’m here in Chicago and I’ve got feedback for you straight from the source.

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Challenges of Scaling Big PPC Management for Small SEM Shops

Over the last 10 months the number of PPC accounts aimClear handles has multiplied by more than 20X, which has been seismic to say the least. At the same time the ever-evolving PPC landscape continually undergoes its own “global warming crises,” as heated paradigm shifts pile upon chilling conceptual overhauls at the advertising platform level. […]

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Rand Fishkin Again Shares FireFox Sidebar

TopRank’s Big List, The AdAge Power 150, and the Search Engine Land right hand sidebar are among 50 or so of the most coveted blogRolls on which a blog can appear. For our part we created the dailyCrawl to view 400+ respected SEM blogs as a slide show. Rand Fishkin has shared a select list […]


Challenge Your Search Team to Excellence

When it comes to search, there are SO many channels requiring an SEM shop’s expertise. While targeting channels with optimized content is far from a “one size fits all deal,” it’s essential for any SEM team to have all necessary arrows in quiver. Here are some talking points we use to raise the level of […]

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Interview with SEM Artist Todd Malicoat

  Todd Malicoat, AKA StuntDubl, has created a legendary brand among search marketing insiders and needs little introduction. I first had the pleasure of watching him present “Digg pointers” along with Neil Patel at SES Chicago 2006 and was immediately engaged by his no-shit high-integrity approach to content, link building, making friends, sharing, and building […]


The Sphinn Effect and Large Wet Fish

As aimClearBlog grows not much makes our day more than a shiny new late-in-the-day-link from Sphinn. By way of background Sphinn is the latest Search Engine Land social community brain-child of Danny Sullivan and his ubiquitous comrades. Yeah some say Sphinn’s a popularity contest and others vote only based on great headlines. Whatever…links from the […]

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Does Your In-House SEM Crew Cut It? 6 Surefire Time-to-Outsource Signals

Companies seriously reliant on Internet marketing often reach a daunting crossroad, whether to grow a more substantial in-house SEM team or bolster internal marketing efforts by outsourcing. As a rule it’s difficult for small and mid-size companies to commit sufficient resources to keep up with voluminous daily research required to keep current. However as in […]