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SEM Means Search Engine Marketing, Not PPC!

There was a palpable hush in our aimClear rotunda office yesterday afternoon as, *gasp,* I finally caved personally to incorrect usage of of the initials “SEM” to humor our PPC client. Sadly in this wacky world of nearly indistinguishable acronyms, abbreviations and cryptic terms there’s a colloquial tragedy afoot. Even the New York Times got […]

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Does Your Website Pay? 6 Hidden Success Criteria

Cash and ROI from ecommerce is easy to calculate. Measuring income from AdSense and other affiliate revenue is simple for publishers to weigh, in order to validate investments in content, SEO or arbitrage. Leads are easy to count, as are associated PPC expenses. However, evaluating a website’s ongoing profitability is often not quite so cut […]

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aimClear Expands SES San Jose Coverage

We’re pleased to announce aimClearBlog’s expanded coverage of Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2008. Our stable of bloggers, packing off to the lovely California sun, includes terrific writers like Todd Mintz (Portland), Jennifer Osborne (Toronto) and Charlene Jaszewski (New York). Kicking off August 18th and running through the 21st, SES is one of the true […]

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SEO, Colored Hats & The Pollyanna Pissing Match

  SEM industry writers, conference organizers and attendees are passionately defending, disparaging and debating ethics surrounding so-called “gray/black hat tactics” presented @ SMX Advanced Seattle. I was surprised to find such virulent threads in BruceClay Blog and Sphinn. The contrast of post-show buzz caught me off guard and now over initial reactions, I have a […]

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Need to Hire SEM Help? Where to Find Industry Thought Leaders

Securing SEO, PPC, social media and analytics advice can be risky, like buying diamonds from a jeweler you don’t know. The premise of the purchase is sometimes a customer’s (enthusiastic) lack of understanding of criteria by which to judge the actual value of products offered, a dynamic dangerous for both parties. I personally gravitate towards […]

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10 Surefire Signs an IT Fiefdom Is Ruling Your Marketing Roost

This morning, in a post over @ SearchEngineWatch Blog, you’ll find my set-up coining the phrase “IT fiedom.” Here’s the frightening back-story. 🙂 1: The It Manager handles hundreds of thousands of PPC dollars, is in charge of SEO (organic optimization) and has a three person staff who don’t have job titles, can’t explain what […]

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If I Were Marooned in the Caribbean

This is a time of year when everyone comes out with their “best of this” or “most influential of that” sort of posts. This is our contribution to the end-of-year sharing of personal favorites. If I were marooned on a Caribbean island and could only read 6 search marketing blogs, Online Marketing Blog would be […]

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Selling an SEM Firm: Real-World Overview

This incredibly relevant session featured the generous tutelage of Patricia Hall, Investment Banker, Hallmark Capital. She walked the audience, comprised primarily of search related business owners, through a brilliant real-world overview of how the financial community looks at the SEM industry and evaluates companies for potential investment or sale. Even if you’re not thinking about […]


The Unfiltered Reality of SES Chicago

Much has been written about the inevitable evolution of Search Engine Strategies which, though destined to occur eventually, happened cold turkey this week with the overlapping of PubCon. We’ll I’m here in Chicago and I’ve got feedback for you straight from the source.

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