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SEO Predators: Willing to Decieve For Business

Egregiously incompetent, cutthroat, reckless or outright dishonest? No matter how you slither it, the latest generation of predatory SEO creeps proffer blatantly false information camouflaged by pretty reports. Deceptively branded reports aside, buyer beware when the snakes come to call. Here’s some hard facts to dispel this week’s crap-ass haze of myths and misinformation.  [Author’s […]

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Evolution of SEO: A Decade of Perspective At SES

photo credit: RC_Fotos Welcome to SearchEngineStrategies Toronto 2009. Today we took a glance back a decade to 1999, when parties had a reputation to live up to and some families were preparing for an all out cataclysmic technological failure come the new year. For the most part, times were swell. Family Guy began its first […]

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5 Questions For Danny Sullivan, Foundational Search Marketing Journalist

For search marketing industry veterans, SearchEngineLand Editor-in-Chief Danny Sullivan needs no introduction. If you’re among the veritable legions of marketing professionals joining our ranks from traditional advertising trades, soon enough you’ll know his impeccable journalism and commitment to community. Considered a founding “search engine guru,” Danny has been demystifying search engines for marketers, webmasters and […]


Short Term Contracts Ease Recession Jitters & Inspire Client Confidence

Like most SEM shops, our business is an amalgamation of flat rate products and hourly work. It’s generally been our focus to procure longer contracts, usually 6 month to 1-year agreements. We thought it prudent to evolve our model in preemptive reaction to these brutal economic times.  Little did we know the unexpected gems of […]

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aimClear/Clix Times SQ SchmoozeFest Tonight!

Here we are again at SearchEngineStrategies New York.From the Philharmonic to ChinaTown, this big city is the apple of my eye. A couple of times a  year, when our friend PPC Expert David Szetela (Clix Marketing) and I are speaking at the same conference, we have a little gathering with our industry friends. Those lucky […]


Answering 5 Common SEO Shopping Questions

The bandwidth involved working with my SEM colleagues, twittering, staying in touch with Facebook peeps and processing clients is delightfully staggering. Sometimes an innocuous written exchange blasts across my desk amidst the noise,  strikes a nerve and leaves me in thought. In this case a state-level branch of a well known national brand, pinged me […]

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SEM Means Search Engine Marketing, Not PPC!

There was a palpable hush in our aimClear rotunda office yesterday afternoon as, *gasp,* I finally caved personally to incorrect usage of of the initials “SEM” to humor our PPC client. Sadly in this wacky world of nearly indistinguishable acronyms, abbreviations and cryptic terms there’s a colloquial tragedy afoot. Even the New York Times got […]

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Does Your Website Pay? 6 Hidden Success Criteria

Cash and ROI from ecommerce is easy to calculate. Measuring income from AdSense and other affiliate revenue is simple for publishers to weigh, in order to validate investments in content, SEO or arbitrage. Leads are easy to count, as are associated PPC expenses. However, evaluating a website’s ongoing profitability is often not quite so cut […]

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aimClear Expands SES San Jose Coverage

We’re pleased to announce aimClearBlog’s expanded coverage of Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2008. Our stable of bloggers, packing off to the lovely California sun, includes terrific writers like Todd Mintz (Portland), Jennifer Osborne (Toronto) and Charlene Jaszewski (New York). Kicking off August 18th and running through the 21st, SES is one of the true […]

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