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Prepare for Battle! Online Brand Protection Tips From #SESSF

Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESSF 2011! The Interwebz. It has changed our lives forever– the way we learn, communicate, share, and of course, shop. Thanks to powerful and ubiquitous e-Commerce functionality, we can buy sweaters, CDs, sex toys, even spaghetti take-out all from the comfort of our own homes, oftentimes in our underwear […]

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Mayo Clinic & What Happens When a Facebook Wall Goes Terribly Wrong

A firestorm has erupted on the Mayo Clinic Facebook Fan Page wall. Whether the allegations against Mayo doctor Aivars Slucis, accusing him of being a racist are true, the spiteful rhetoric makes for one ugly fan page.

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36 Reputation Monitoring Feeds You Can’t Afford to Ignore has been the reputation monitoring rage for years now.  Most companies seem to feel safe under the Google alert notification blanket. It’s true that Google alerts keep reputation managers apprised of a lot of content, conversations, news, media, etc… However, Google alerts alone are far from a complete picture of what’s going on out […]

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