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Ignoring Blog Comments & Other Nifty Social Media Lessons from Delta


Here in Minnesota, we have a love/hate relationship with Delta Air Lines. It’s a very special decades-long relationship. We loved/hated it as our (former) hometown carrier Northwest Airlines, and even prior to that when it was known as Northwest Orient (for the elders among us who can remember ancient not-so-recent history). We love that the… Read More

Blogging  /  Rants LMAO Link Buying: aimClear Just For Fun Friday! (cc @MattCutts)


Dude, overt link buying is like SO 1998. Imagine a link buying approach that is so over the top that even experienced link builders cringe, as opposed to the usual report-as-spam-and-delete daily doings? OK, so this one takes the cake and we’re featuring it in this week’s installment of Just-Fer-Phun-Phriday.  Google’s affable spam prevention rock… Read More


Email Marketing Hall Of Shame: 3 Classic #Fails To Avoid


Email marketing is easy, right? It seems so simple. Yet some respected companies still make classic email marketing mistakes. Read on for an online marketing rant down memory lane. Before there were AdWords, Facebook or LinkedIn targeting, there was venerable email marketing. In this current (tricked out) demographic targeting era, where we regularly model and… Read More

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#Fail! 13 Utterly Annoying Social Media Behaviors To Avoid


For years, we’ve been counseling our clients to practice what we call “the fundamentals non-gratuitous social media behavior.”  Lovely conduct that endears users to other community members and earns respect is actually quite easy. Still, even some professionals present terribly irritating habits. You may or may not agree, but brace yourself for this stored up… Read More

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Bookshelf of Horrors: 66 of the Worst Search Marketing Books You’ll Never Read


Greetings, guys and ghouls. Halloween is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but here at aimClear we love a good scare. Any seasoned search marketer will tell you that in our industry, there’s blood-curdling terrors and freak-shows to behold… if you know where to look. From downright dreadful habits of search… Read More

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