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Brands Post for 9/11 Memorial & the Internet HATED It?


Brands sure did get a lot of HEAT this year for posting about 9/11… Here’s a different take.

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“Linkbaiting?” SRSLY? 2011 Called & Wants Its Gimmick Back!


Recently a large website sent over an RFP for a “Linkbaiting” assignment.  We don’t typically respond to cattle call RFPs, but this was an awesome prospective client. aimClear was humbled this site wanted some of that sweet aimClear content sauce Mojo.  We’re known for creating colorful and user-centric content, distributing by organic and paid organic… Read More

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10 Things We Hate About LinkedIn Ads! And Workaround Solutions


It’s expected: ad platforms, in their infancy, often start very rudimentary and then evolve to something beautiful, powerful, and easier to use. The time has come for LinkedIn ads to grow up and rise to the (often simple!) expectations of online advertisers. For years we’ve used LinkedIn ads and put up with the infuriating platform… Read More

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Exploring The Art Of Social Media Hoaxes: Dark Humor Meets Brilliant Execution


We all know that creative, well-developed content and expertly executed social media campaigns can yield results that rock. Remember Burger King’s Subservient Chicken stunt back in 2004? You told the lone, albeit giant chicken on the website to do something, and he did it. Couple that with a 12-minute fight scene in which a TenderCrisp… Read More

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Social #PPC Buyer Beware! Why Fancy #SEO Content Agencies Now Quietly Peddle Paid


It’s one of the online marketing industries waggish little secrets. One organic-only SEO/content marketing agency has a new Paid Media VP and services highlighted on their website now also focus on PPC.  Another top online marketing agency, famous for organic-only content and SEO thought leadership, has been quietly hawking Facebook Ads for years and become… Read More

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