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Inbound PR: Pulling Media Mind Share With Content & Big Data


Over the last few years, social ads and retargeting have taken the online marketing world by storm. These technologies can be leveraged in fantastic ways to service KPIs traditionally associated with public relations. This is not to minimize the importance of awesome content and organic outreach. However, paid amplification of terrific content is an important… Read More

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Media Relations in the Social Age: Pitching Reporters Via LinkedIn PPC


In the beginning there was snail mail. Then there was the telephone. The fax machine came along after that, followed by e-mail, which put its clunky predecessor out to pasture. (If you’re still relying on a fax machine, please tell us why in the comments. Seriously. We’d love to know.) All of these communication channels… Read More

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5 Timeless Tips For PR Pros! Flourishing In A Multi-Agency Environment


When you work for an agency, it’s more or less understood that you’re often not the only player in the client’s overall marketing mix. Vendors can include anything from design houses, advertising agencies, public relations specialists, and now more often than not, online marketing companies. Thanks to the new-age online/social universe, working together has never… Read More

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Proving PR & SEO Seriously Lift Advertising ROI


Unless you’ve got a time machine, it’s not always realistic to achieve a sustainable CPA (cost per action) by way of paid cost-per-click online marketing channels alone. This post offers a pragmatic multi-channel scenario to prove the significant financial benefits of SEO, social media, and public relations for CPA-pumping traffic and conversion. 

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Supporting Local Artists: aimClear Hosts St. Paul Art Crawl


The St. Paul Art Crawl in downtown St. Paul started with a flourish and ended in a bang. Excited art crawlers marauded the streets of the city and wandered through the participating buildings, anxious to bask in the excitement of seeing the work of new and established artists alike. aimClear was thrilled to contribute to… Read More

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