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PR & Online Marketing: Navigating the Conflux

Did I just lose a contact, or does it seem like the lines between public-relations practitioner and online marketer are blurring? An increasing number of SEOs seem to think so (I happen to agree), but their perceptions of the role PR pros play in the SEM sandbox range from toy-sharer to sand-village slave. Recently, I read […]

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Revv Up Online PR & Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

Day 1 of #BlueglassFL in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While 9AM is hardly “butt-crack” early, many a search marketer were visibly feeling the effects of last night’s… networking event. For the conference attendees struggling to hoist peeper lids up over their pupils, a straight shot of espresso was top priority before taking seats in the first […]


Minnesota Public Relations Guide: Twin Cities Edition!

To celebrate the opening of our St. Paul office, we decided it would be super cool to profile local public relations players in our (new) second hometown. After all, we’re neighbors now, and there’s not much more of an Internet fishbowl than the PR community. There will be plenty of time for y’all to get to […]


How To Optimize & Distribute Press Releases Like A Pro

In a world where 140 characters can make or break a brand, where customers expect instant gratification 24/7, there’s little (if any) time for self-doubt or antiquated mindsets when it comes to marketing your company. You’ve got to study up, spread your wings and soar into action– armed with an iron-clad PR strategy advised and […]


PR, Social, Search, Now & The Next 5 Years

Public Relations (PR) has been a foundational premise of the marketing universe since cave dwellers. The internet became a massive PR tool with Blogs, dedicated press release sites, news publications, etc… eclipsing the little-black-paper-book-pitch-em’ mentality. This SES Chicago ’09 session asked the question, “What’s hot now and where will the internet take Public Relations over […]

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Reputation Management & Expunging Bad Results

The old reputation management adage is “want to know how to get 2, 2, 1 & 2389 blog links this week?” The answer (of course) is to accidentally injure people with your product.  Trust us, getting the ensuing horrible results pushed off search engine results pages (SERPs) will be much tougher than […]

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PR Triage, 32 Million PPC Impressions, Less Than 4K

Tune in to and hear yesterday’s interview. David Szetela and I described a reputation management crises we handled for a client together, that tallied 32 million targeted “emergency PR” Google pay per click impressions for less than 4K. We had a client with a bad “problem-word.” The nasty verbiage also existed in annoying permutations […]

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Budgeting For SEO & PR? Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media marketing is on the minds of many this year, while proposing ’09 budgets for in-house or SEM agency clients. We’re repeatedly being asked to help with proposals and business plans. If you think selling starter social to your boss could be hard because fledgling participation doesn’t always yield immediate benifit, look again. Critical […]


PR Power Blogging Zen, the 7 Classic Nodes

Ask an experienced public relations guru to explain his or her profession’s fundamental aim and you’ll likely receive some variation of the following lecture: “PR is media relations, investor relations, community relations, customer relations, internal relations, human interest, and crises management.” PR Has Been Important Since the Dawn of Time. No doubt cave people intentionally […]

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