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Pimp Those Clips: Using PR Coverage for Social Lead Gen


Make no mistake about it: coverage resulting from media-relations efforts is a point of pride. The public relations agency proudly presents the article to their client contacts in the marketing department, who share it with the c-suite, VPs, sales reps—anyone who’ll listen. They may purchase reprints to distribute to prospective customers, hang a matted copy… Read More

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PR Twitter 101: How To Engage Media, Get Ahead Of The News & Connect With Fellow Pros


Twitter, the free, 24-hour news source that provides instant connection with target audiences. Oh be still, my public relations heart. There are lots of tools PR pros use, but Twitter is by far one of the most helpful and robust. There are endless ways it can improve a practice, so many that both getting started… Read More

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Search Savvy: Top 6 Search Operators for Online PR Pros


It seems like there’s a tool for just about every public relations process now, particularly for those involving media relations. From media discovery to relationship management, and distribution to monitoring and reporting, we’re inundated with tools, tools and more tools. But let’s not forget the basics. Search engines can be a treasure trove of (free)… Read More


A Guide To Writing Headlines For Not-So-Great Writers: 5 Tips For More Clicks


Writers and non-writers alike can agree, headlines are pretty dang important. With endless stories exploding across news sites and sauntering into our inboxes, headlines are our filters for deciding what we will and will not give our highly coveted attention to. The thing is, both writers and non-writers will also agree that creating click-through worthy… Read More

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LinkedIn Groups: The Social Marketer’s Secret Weapon For Targeting Media Roles


Last week, aimClear blog took you on a tour through the nascent field of inbound PR, articulating the advantages of using paid advertising technologies for classic public relations. Included in this primer was a selection of media roles and workplaces targetable through Facebook’s ad platform. LinkedIn ads may not be as sexy as those brought… Read More

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