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Stalk Customers for Fun & Profit: #SMX Intro to Retargeting

Welcome do Day 3 of aimClear’s coverage of #SMX East! Retargeting a.k.a. remarketing, a relatively new (and seemingly popular) online advertising technique, requires marketers to get inside the minds of users to define search intent, follow said users around across various websites, and serve tightly focused search & display ads that remind them, oh-so-subtly, that you’re […]


SEO & PPC #SMX Cuddle! (Pussycat Love Meow Meow)

Welcome back to Day 2 of aimClear’s #SMX East 2011 coverage! The heavyweight battle between SEO and PPC has long graced the stage at mainstream online marketing conferences. Organic optimization in the red corner, paid search in the blue corner – powerful opponents seemingly fighting for a greater stake of your company budget. Despite the provocatively titled session, […]

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60 Second #PPC Self-Audit! Is Your Account Fat, Dumb & Lazy?

 In late 2009 we published a blog post, “Is Your PPC Expert Asleep at the Switch? 6 Minute Self-Audit.” The post generated a bunch of happy-buzz as laypeople (non-PPC professionals) finally had the means to grab a peek to see if their current PPC agency of record or in-house team might be comprised of […]

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PPC Quality Score: Cracking the Code @ #SESSF

Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESSF 2011! The ever elusive PPC Quality Score, often regarded as enigmatic a mystery right up there with the ancient sphinx, has attracted, baffled, bewildered, and haunted many a marketer since the dawn of paid search. Day 3 of Search Engine Strategies, San Fran edition brought about the Ads in […]

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Dear LinkedIn Ads: Editorial Consistency Please!

As you may have heard, LinkedIn has updated its previously anemic DIY advertising platform to include targeting specific job titles and companies. LinkedIn PPC is now useful for a range of paid b2b direct-response and branding tactics. We’ve been getting our hands dirty to gratifying success. Even aside from the flaky UI that (poof) vaporizes […]

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Brad Geddes Interviewed: The Adept #PPC Slant

Brad Geddes is a fella who’s online marketing legacy often precedes him. A trailblazer on the paths of Google Advertising Professionals and Microsoft adExcellence, Brad is an accomplished author and a familiar face on the search conference circuit. In between writing, teaching, and rocking the house, Brad founded an online consulting company,, as well as, a […]