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Tune In! #PPC Rockstars Airs Today On WebmasterRadio.FM, 3pm EST


Today’s the day, ladies and gents! The first episode of aimClear’s PPC Rockstars will be streaming straight from WebmasterRadio.FM into your ears this afternoon at 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central. Tune in today as your host with the most, Marty Weintraub (@aimClear),  sits down with aimClear’s own Manny Rivas (@mannyrivas) and PPC-pal Joe Kerschbaum (@joekerschbaum), VP over at… Read More

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Social #PPC Buyer Beware! Why Fancy #SEO Content Agencies Now Quietly Peddle Paid


It’s one of the online marketing industries waggish little secrets. One organic-only SEO/content marketing agency has a new Paid Media VP and services highlighted on their website now also focus on PPC.  Another top online marketing agency, famous for organic-only content and SEO thought leadership, has been quietly hawking Facebook Ads for years and become… Read More

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Excavating “Social Tail” Keywords For SEO & PPC! Radical ScrapeBox Tutorial #78


In this day and age, marketers seeking a competitive edge need to get more creative. This tutorial will teach you to mine often lightly contested keywords, advised by a colorful mashup of shopping, YouTube, and search suggestions. Use these newly discovered KWs to: Leverage the “social tail” of search to expand your keyword bucket substantially. We’ll… Read More

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Mega-Tactics to Pump Up Weak, Pathetic, Flabby PPC Campaigns from #SMX


Welcome to aimClear’s coverage of #SMX East 2012! Yep, no surprise here — though the analogy is a bit colorful: a successful PPC campaign requires (among other things) TLC, dedication, and hard work – much like a finely sculpted bod. We often read / hear about the health of search, display, or social pay per click campaigns… Read More

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Must-Read! Insider Tips to Ad Optimization, Straight from #SESSF


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESSF! The afternoon brought us Insider Tips to Ad Optimization, hosted by session moderator, Noran El-Shinnawy, Director of Marketing at BoostCTR. Noran introduced John Gagnon, Bing Evangelist, and associated with Microsoft Products, and Microsoft Advertising along with Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing at Marin Software, who were ready to reveal juicy… Read More

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