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LinkedIn Sponsored Feed Updates Finally! Look Organic, Actually Paid


You’ve been dreaming about a more robust LinkedIn paid-organic social distribution machine.  Well now it’s finally here! The long-awaited “Sponsored updates” from LinkedIn were just rolled out. We’ve been waiting for LI to augment their limited repertoire of traditional ad units for a long time. If you can get over the high price tag, it… Read More

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Enhanced Campaigns? Love Em Or Loathe Em, Kiss Your Sweet $$ Goodbye

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There’s been a lot of chatter and angst amongst marketers since February, when big G announced the Enhanced Campaign Rollout. What’s the bottom line here, the ONE thing marketers need to know about Enhanced Campaigns? Regardless of your personal experience migrating to Enhanced Campaigns, Google’s stock is going up and you’re paying for it. Effectually,… Read More


Pimp Those Clips: Using PR Coverage for Social Lead Gen


Make no mistake about it: coverage resulting from media-relations efforts is a point of pride. The public relations agency proudly presents the article to their client contacts in the marketing department, who share it with the c-suite, VPs, sales reps—anyone who’ll listen. They may purchase reprints to distribute to prospective customers, hang a matted copy… Read More

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Paid Search For Evolving Pros: David Szetela Shares Smart Tips to Remain Relevant


From the days of Mad Men to modern times, New York City is one of the hubs of cutting-edge advertising. And one of the industry’s leading go-to guys is David Szetela. Former Owner and CEO of Clix Marketing PPC agency, David has experience in a wide range of companies, from small magazine publishers to behemoth… Read More

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25 SRSLY Clutch Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign #PPC Blog Posts


Unless you’ve been under a rock for about a week, you already know that Google has evolved AdWords by launching “enhanced campaigns.” Google has taken a step towards making it fundamentally easier for marketers to handle ad campaigns deployed across multiple devices.  There’s a lot of debate out there amongst pros and industry pundits. Some… Read More