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The “H” in Sphinn is Too Hard to Pronounce and I’m DROPPING It. It does funny things to my tongue and teeth. First there’s the sssss sound and then for some reason I touch my top teeth to lower lip after tongue is behind teeth. Others Agree I’ve polled our staff and they agree that […]

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Zen of the Fanatical Business Blogger

Committed to blogging means to TOTALLY do it, No Matter What. Average content doesn’t count. If you’re a new business-blogger and you’re considering (or committed to) aggressive business blogging to gain respect as an author, then be prepared to work hard.

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Sphinn is Like 5 Hungry Lions Feeding in a 10 Foot Square Cage.

Fighting for raw traffic and link meat, Linkbaiters bait each other on Sphinn, Chicken/Egg, Egg/Chicken…trying to make history. The challenge lies in marketing to the only professional crowd on earth which actually understands how the linkbaiting mind lock works, plugged-in SEM professionals. Writing worthy content (which is actually useful, funny, or hip) for other linkbaiters […]

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SEO is Like Music.

I’m just back from 2 days off along lovely Lake Superior, the greatest of the United States great lakes. Time by the big lake and with my family always leaves me feeling perspective and poetic. I spent a lot of time thinking about work and the growth of our company. Some of our readers are […]

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