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PubCon: Post BBS Pioneers Take Over the World

They don’t talk about butterflies, candy ass theories and granola bars here. You get the impression that these used-to-be geeks are delightfully modest, after systematically bringing the known marketing-universe to its knees over the last 10 years. Having sprung forth from IRC, NewsGroups, Pine, BBSs and nightly modem buzz–PubCon is all about science, social […]

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Math & Buddha: Predicting The Value Of SEO

Traditional marketers new to SEO, usually seek to understand the probable return on proposed optimization jobs prior to taking the leap. “Faith or math” they ask. “Tell us how to predict success and measure results.” The questions keep coming. Why does this SEO matter? How high will our site “rank” for keywords essential to survival. […]

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The Social Media Friendship Bill of Rights (and Other Sticky Wickets)

Anyone active in social media knows, with certainly, the compounding annoyances of those who utilize mainstream social communities to network inappropriately. In a rapidly expanding universe where procuring a few influential “authority” players’ support can deliver oodles of traffic, valuable links and scads of motivated customers to the door, it’s clear why sites like Facebook, […]

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Vote Which Charity Gets the Money @ IM-NY SES Party sponsored by BOTW

If you’re attending Search Engine Strategies New York or you happen to be in the area, you won’t want to miss this special annual event. All are welcome. The third Internet Marketers of NY Charity Party takes place the evening of March 18th. But WAIT, Best of the Web (gracious sponsor) has invited community members […]


A Gift of Music: The Prayer Song

Download link Friends, Family, & Associates, thank you for making this year so meaningful in the richness of your friendship and collaboration. May this season bring you and your loved ones blessed peace, joy, happiness, heart, passion, and longevity. “The Prayer Song” is attached along with the lyrics Download link. I was fortunate enough to […]

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Why Sphinn Matters So Much to Me

It’s been a remarkable year in the search marketing community, none the least of which has been the amazing organic aggregation of SEM types into the Sphinn community. Sphinn’s focused blend of essential search news, commentary, editorial prowess, humor, style, ranting, and skillful moderation provides perspective and camaraderie that transcends “job” and “career.”

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From Living in Isolation We Come

From an anthropological standpoint, humans lived in relatively small isolated pockets in the early days. In this millennium the social media revolution is deep, like the bible, and has changed the pathology of human interactions forever. The pathway to Facebook wound from extremely humble beginnings and now we’re all connected, biting each other with avatar-Zombies. […]

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I Was Diagnosed With Stage 3B Lymphoma

So I emailed my friends and loved ones Friday, August 12, 2005 at 1:28 PM from Mayo Clinic. At 45 years old I was 6-weeks recently remarried, aimClear was a dream, and my 2 lovely daughters, Lee and Sylvie, were 12 and 10 years old respectively. It was devastating news and we were crushed. Later […]

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The “H” in Sphinn is Too Hard to Pronounce and I’m DROPPING It. It does funny things to my tongue and teeth. First there’s the sssss sound and then for some reason I touch my top teeth to lower lip after tongue is behind teeth. Others Agree I’ve polled our staff and they agree that […]

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