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My Top SMX East Reflections, From 34,000′

photo credit: Rebecca Miller Gazing out this Airbus A319’s window, dreamlike cirrus clouds expand towards the far horizon. I travel tens of thousands of miles each year, but some trips are special.  Others, like this week in New York for SMX, are pilgrimages.

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The Other Side of Search is Found

Speaking to a pair of packed sessions at sold-out SMX Advanced in Seattle, I took time to look out into the audience and measure attendees’ eyes. After all…you savvy wordsmiths, demographic research artists, technicians, agencies, account reps’, geeks, evangelists, administrators, parent-workers, presidents, marketing directors, CMOs, brothers and sisters are totally my people …right in the […]

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Rebroadcast Is the New Black

photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage Rebroadcast is the new black. Retweets and Facebook-shares are the ultimate friend-sends, essential like her black pumps, Coach clutch, velvet gloves and grandmother’s vintage pearls…same as it ever was. The future of the filter is insight by crowdsourcing conversations, literally anywhere humans congregate and chatter. Plug into new the new demographic […]

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Twitter Haiku: Rich Lesson of Imposed Brevity

Twitter and cell phone text messaging (<= 140 characters) have us expressing ourselves in sound bytes, sharpening our writing chops and communicating more whilst using many less words. It’s nothing short of cultural revolution, as our increasingly plugged-in populace evolves to more succinct communication.  In  my opinion this efficiency serves to counter ever-escalating online cacophony.

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On Giving Thanks, Reflections, Duluth & Mumbai

Happy Thanksgiving morning from snowy Duluth, Minnesota.  Greetings to our search marketing friends. The sun is barely risen, looming golden on the distant Lake Superior horizon. Steam wafts off the harbor, for temperature differential between warm water and frigid air. The contrast is stark and representative of our world, terribly conflicted in awesome beauty and […]

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PubCon: Post BBS Pioneers Take Over the World

They don’t talk about butterflies, candy ass theories and granola bars here. You get the impression that these used-to-be geeks are delightfully modest, after systematically bringing the known marketing-universe to its knees over the last 10 years. Having sprung forth from IRC, NewsGroups, Pine, BBSs and nightly modem buzz–PubCon is all about science, social […]

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Math & Buddha: Predicting The Value Of SEO

Traditional marketers new to SEO, usually seek to understand the probable return on proposed optimization jobs prior to taking the leap. “Faith or math” they ask. “Tell us how to predict success and measure results.” The questions keep coming. Why does this SEO matter? How high will our site “rank” for keywords essential to survival. […]

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The Social Media Friendship Bill of Rights (and Other Sticky Wickets)

Anyone active in social media knows, with certainly, the compounding annoyances of those who utilize mainstream social communities to network inappropriately. In a rapidly expanding universe where procuring a few influential “authority” players’ support can deliver oodles of traffic, valuable links and scads of motivated customers to the door, it’s clear why sites like Facebook, […]

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Vote Which Charity Gets the Money @ IM-NY SES Party sponsored by BOTW

If you’re attending Search Engine Strategies New York or you happen to be in the area, you won’t want to miss this special annual event. All are welcome. The third Internet Marketers of NY Charity Party takes place the evening of March 18th. But WAIT, Best of the Web (gracious sponsor) has invited community members […]