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What the Hell is SEO Now Anyway?

The disdain on their faces is usually palpable.  I’ve been experiencing subtle Facebook derision from mainstream SEOs now for two years. Last week’s edition was a conversation with Greg Boser, President and CEO – 3 Dog Media, a new friend and brilliant speaker on the SMX Search Marketing Conference series circuit. Dude is a salty-dog […]

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Marriage, Sex, SEM & Modern Dating Metrics

Power girl on the prowl…

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What Are You Thankful For? Rad’ Peep ReTweets

I’ve been watching TweetDeck all morning  for the real-time search “thankful.” Feeling extremely grateful, I asked a couple a’  thousand of our closest friends what exactly they were thankful for. Some of the answers from tweeps were warm and touching. We found some  snarky-ass results in Twitter search segment SERPs, which we grabbed to RT-share […]

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Today’s Affirmations For This Search Marketer

The wind whistles howling, this blustery Canal Park morning, 7:20 AM.  The water churns brown, surface licking little whitecaps, tinted iron ore agitated by waves. There’s going to be snow south of us along the Shores of Lake Superior today, hazardous travel they say.  It’s about 43 degrees Fahrenheit outside but I’m good. Each year […]

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The Lost Marty Weintraub Rockstar Pictures

It’s been interesting to note search journalists lobbing tongue and cheek verbiage like “PPC rockstar,” “Social Media rockstar” and other mutually indulgent hyperbole at Marty. All seriousness aside, we were cleaning out the office today and found a poster, circa 1985, that left the weekend aimClear crew howling. In a momentary haze, Marty gave me […]

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My Top SMX East Reflections, From 34,000′

photo credit: Rebecca Miller Gazing out this Airbus A319’s window, dreamlike cirrus clouds expand towards the far horizon. I travel tens of thousands of miles each year, but some trips are special.  Others, like this week in New York for SMX, are pilgrimages.

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The Other Side of Search is Found

Speaking to a pair of packed sessions at sold-out SMX Advanced in Seattle, I took time to look out into the audience and measure attendees’ eyes. After all…you savvy wordsmiths, demographic research artists, technicians, agencies, account reps’, geeks, evangelists, administrators, parent-workers, presidents, marketing directors, CMOs, brothers and sisters are totally my people …right in the […]

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Rebroadcast Is the New Black

photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage Rebroadcast is the new black. Retweets and Facebook-shares are the ultimate friend-sends, essential like her black pumps, Coach clutch, velvet gloves and grandmother’s vintage pearls…same as it ever was. The future of the filter is insight by crowdsourcing conversations, literally anywhere humans congregate and chatter. Plug into new the new demographic […]

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5 Ways to Use Your iPhone For Sex

Apple’s sleek iPhone 3G is everywhere!  With a whopping 51% of US smartphone traffic and incredible rich media features, this baby is the ultimate FWB toy for making love to each other or yourself.

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