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Give Thanks! Twitterpies Tell Us What They’re #Thankful For This Year

Well guys, gals, and gobblers– it’s just about that magical time of year again. A time when dinner means an eight hour feast, commencing dinner at 1 in the afternoon is defensibly the norm, and wearing sweatpants (or anything with an elastic waistband) to the dinner table is not only socially acceptable, but pretty much […]

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The Heart Of SEO: 8 Everlasting Truths, Part 1

I’ve recently had two transcendent experiences to further frame my now nearly 20-year career as an online marketer. First, I essentially stepped away from aimClear’s offices in Duluth and Saint Paul for 6 months to write a book about Facebook Ads. Then, literally as the book was completed, I had heart damage fixed. During cancer […]

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aimClear’s Postcard From Sydney, Australia 2011

A blessed component of my job, as CEO of aimClear, is traveling all over the world to speak at online marketing conferences.  Tonight I’m pretty tired after the 14 hour return flight from Sydney to LAX, 3 hours to Minneapolis and another half hour on to Duluth. Still, the excitement at having spent 7 glorious […]

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Manage Like You’re Dying: A Humbled Entrepreneur’s Reflections

We’ve all heard the expression “live like you’re dying.” I’ve experienced that first hand and it’s colored my experience founding aimClear, in profound and beautiful ways. This post is dedicated to our special friend who’s currently kicking cancer’s butt. I started aimClear on the heels of surviving Lymphoma stage 3B, still handling the effects of […]

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483 Things We Hate & Love About Search Conference Speakers

Earlier today, we published the second half of 44 Must-See Internet Marketing Conference Speakers— a two-part blog post that paid tribute to industry luminaries who color the conference landscape pretty with smarts, sass, and everything in between. We believe search marketers are among the most beautiful people in the world, and that mini-series was one way […]

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#FollowFriday, My #FF Tricked Out Tweet Exchange of the Week, Thanks @sarita & @aeklund, Please Retweet :)

When it comes to the quaint custom of #FollowFriday, I often wish that tweeps’ recommendations came with explanations, speaking to why I should follow their friends.  In that spirit, this post offers my #FollowFriday recommendations for today, Sara Holoubek and Andrew Ecklund, with explanations of why I enjoy their tweets. 

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Search Insider Summit, A Sweet Journey Home

Early this morning, as we made our way down the The St. Regis Deer Valley Hotel’s scenic funicular to begin the journey home, I was moved  by  Park City Utah’s stunning mountain terrain by dawn’s snowy light.  The romantic mood was fitting, especially given my gratitude for the experience of speaking yesterday at  MediaPost’s prestigious […]


The Lost Marty Weintraub Rockstar Videos

Last October during a mundane office cleaning, the aimClear team happened upon an epically rad relic of the 80’s… a black & white  36×48 inch relic, to be more precise. Publication of  The Lost Marty Weintraub Rockstar Pictures gave new meaning to the tongue and cheek “PPC rockstar” and “Social Media rockstar” verbiage that had been lobbed […]

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