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Pay Per Conversation: Engage PPC Traffic For ROI

The initials “PPC” traditionally have referred to “pay per click.” However in these days of double digit inflation, agency (and in-house) clients are coming to expect a different rendering of these classic initials, “pay per per conversation” — to improve PPC ROI. Every click is an opportunity to engage a potential customer. How do you […]


Hidden Gems: Google Advertising Alternatives

Bit Torrent search engines, image search engines, artificial intelligence systems, clustering engines, recommendation search engines, & metasearch are all example of viable alternatives to Google. Each has its own unique place in the marketing mix. This SES San Jose session’s Moderator, Andrew Goodman, founded Page-Zero Media, a ROI-driven online marketing agency. I’ve interacted with him […]


aimClear Interviewed on Webmaster Radio “PPC Rockstars”

Tune in to for this week’s edition of PPC Rockstars, featuring advertising expert David Szetela’s interview with me. David and I discussed social PPC, a quickly emerging content network hybrid which will soon become an important component of your paid search marketing mix.


Does Facebook Social PPC Belong at Search Marketing Conferences?

[Thanks to David Szetela over at Clix Marketing for steady guidance speaking to PPC excellence and help with this article. Clix is doing some ground breaking work right now. Do not miss David’s upcoming content network presentation during “Amazing PPC Tactics” @ SMX Advanced, June 3/4 in Seattle.] Nobody speaks seriously about Facebook social PPC […]

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Facebook Marketing Social PPC to SEM Pros on the Social Graph

Facebook is marketing social PPC to those who’s “chatter” on the social graph reflects involvement in search. The ad says “Reach your customers BEFORE they start searching Pay per click.” Using their own demographic targeting tools, FB is taking on Google by marketing to Google’s very best foot solders and salespeople….search marketing professionals.

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Hail Mary Facebook Ads Saved Christmas

We had one of our clients budget substantial spend-cash for Christmas weekend PPC, as holidays are always a serious hotbed of activity for their product. Last year the same December days resulted in leads that generated hundreds of thousand in sales. Last Friday’s 5:15PM email from their CFO was ominous: “Marty, I had to cancel […]

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PPC Philosophy, Credit Cards, Contracts, Procedures & Control

Most small SEMs give their clients’ credit card and billing information to search engines which can actually cause palpable accounting hurdles as an agency scales. This common practice also raises interesting questions as to who “owns” the account when a client leaves someday. Though seldom discussed, failing to engage clients in preemptive dialog has the […]

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Challenges of Scaling Big PPC Management for Small SEM Shops

Over the last 10 months the number of PPC accounts aimClear handles has multiplied by more than 20X, which has been seismic to say the least. At the same time the ever-evolving PPC landscape continually undergoes its own “global warming crises,” as heated paradigm shifts pile upon chilling conceptual overhauls at the advertising platform level. […]

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Marriott Standardizes Global PPC Rules for Franchise Trademark Usage

For years there has been frustrated chatter among PPC media buyers regarding draconian big brand franchise PPC trademark rules. After experimenting all over the world for 2 years, Marriott is now taking assertive steps to standardize and solidify global policies. Whether SEMs like the new US rules or not, Marriott’s taking an industry leading role […]

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