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The LoMo Search Fulcrum: SMX Wrap Up

The leaders in the local/mobile search industry gathered here in Denver to discuss state of the art, teach, share, and prognosticate. Ironically, the most appropriate “takeaway” is that very little is static in this arena. The revolution is still in its infancy, however it is clear that a marketing explosion of nuclear magnitude is imminent. […]

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“Dumb Pipes” Are Dead. Meet the Mobile Search Engines.

Discussion of one-box smart mobile search, both on deck (walled garden) and off deck (like Internet search), is all the rage at SMX Local & Mobile. There are many variables in how providers power mobile search results. There is a rapidly growing palette of options and the future is exciting- albeit fuzzy as hell. This […]


Escape the Walled Garden: Managing Local/Mobile Search Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Reach

Overseeing local and mobile search marketing efforts can be daunting. Numerous providers offer ever-increasing abilities to target eyeballs by demographic criteria. How much should be budgeted to the greatest benefit? What should we do first? Who are the players? This session explored the “tactical demands of running a successful local/mobile search marketing campaign.” Chris Sherman, […]

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The World’s Information in Geographical Context, the Michael Jones SMX Keynote

Michael Jones, Chief Technologist for Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Local Search is no stranger to mapping technology. Previously he was CTO at Keyhole, the company which developed the technology behind Google Earth and was acquired by Google. (Google Press Center: Press Release). He was also director of advanced graphics at SGI. Michael discussed […]


Giddy Up at SMX Local & Mobile Expo!

Good morning from Denver Colorado here at the inaugural SMX Search Marketing Expo Local & Mobile edition. The sun has not yet risen, but promise and excitement resonate in the Hyatt Tech Center halls. For those of you who love Sphinn, Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman invented it, along with SES (Search Engine Strategies, from […]

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aimClear to Attend SMX Local & Mobile

Local and Mobile search comprise a massive search marketing frontier. Most marketplace pundits predict that ad-spends will rise to $8 billion by the year 2010. It’s still the Wild West, home on the range, with numerous platforms springing up every month. Frontline technologies are maturing at blazing speeds and it’s critical not to be left […]

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Early iPhone 1.0 Reviews a Mixed Bag.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about the iPhone and we believe that mobile devices empowered with more serious (and simple) operating systems will further propel the the mobile revolution which is already well underway. I’m certain our company will own future iPhone models and frankly I can’t wait. The iPhone raises the bar in […]

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Mobile Search Optimization Essentials

First, for a sobering look at how your site parses in mobile browsers, check out these mobile preview applications: Skweezer, Google, and the live demo of Opera Mini. Chances are your site is not immediately navigable in the mobile environment or you’ll hate what it looks like. When polled during a recent Chris Sherman mobile […]

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Giddy Up in the Mobile Search Wild West

There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the field of mobile search. At SES conferences and in subsequent web presentations I’ve seen Chris Sherman do informal polls of audience SEM firms. He asks which of us already include mobile search strategy in working with our clients. The majority of SEM firms say “not yet” […]