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Evolve Or Die: 2010 Local Ad Agency Fiscal Models


Borrell Research released a report on the Economics of Search Marketing for firms catering to local—ReachLocal, Yodle, MarchEx, WebVisible, and others.  Companies in this space churn up to 90% of their clients every 6 months, meaning that they lose clients as fast as they can gain them.  The Kelsey Group confirmed this trend last year,… Read More

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Cool iPhone 3G Apps, Radical Local/Mobile Search


[Editor's note: This post is our continued dissemination of content from this week's  SearchEngineStrategies San Jose search marketing conference, where aimClear had 3 correspondents providing our readers notes and articles. The following is from our friend and blogger-associate, Charlene Jaszewski:] Mobile and Local are tied at the hip, but up until recently the tools weren’t… Read More

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SMX Local Mobile Grows Up: The Future Arrives


Last year in Denver SMX Local Mobile was a gathering of theorists, brilliant upstarts, handset manufacturers, fledgling platforms and edgy prognosticators. Keynote speaker Michael Jones looked skyward and evangelized Google Earth’s mission of placing the world’s information in geographical context. Experts introduced many of us to terms like on/off deck, walled gardens, and dumb pipes.… Read More

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The LoMo Search Fulcrum: SMX Wrap Up


The leaders in the local/mobile search industry gathered here in Denver to discuss state of the art, teach, share, and prognosticate. Ironically, the most appropriate “takeaway” is that very little is static in this arena. The revolution is still in its infancy, however it is clear that a marketing explosion of nuclear magnitude is imminent.… Read More

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Escape the Walled Garden: Managing Local/Mobile Search Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Reach


Overseeing local and mobile search marketing efforts can be daunting. Numerous providers offer ever-increasing abilities to target eyeballs by demographic criteria. How much should be budgeted to the greatest benefit? What should we do first? Who are the players? This session explored the “tactical demands of running a successful local/mobile search marketing campaign.” Chris Sherman,… Read More

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