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Uncle Tom’s Brilliant Social Tactic: Capitalize On Competitor’s Tragic #Fail


This is the story of how one brand’s screw up became a competitor’s social media opportunity. It doesn’t take much effort to monitor the socialsphere for your competitors’ brand terms, provide a solution, and turn their dissatisfied customer into YOUR brand evangelist. Read on to see how one Madeline Island lodge did just that. Brief… Read More

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Maximize Your Business With Local & Social – Expert Advice From #SESSF


Well the time has come for the third and final day of #SESSF. But don’t you worry, because the action didn’t stop. While the expo hall felt a bit emptier and quieter than it had before, there were still many energized and eager minds. In short, those who stuck it out were stoked for one… Read More

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So, Where Are You? Actionable Local SEO Tactics From #SMX Advanced


Newsflash from #SMX Advanced Seattle, 2011! There’s more to Local SEO than claiming your business page on Google. Local SEO pros David Mihm, President,, Mike Ramsey, President, Nifty Marketing, and Will Scott, President, Search Influence know this, and they geared up for the final session at SMX Advanced to share Hardcore Local SEO Tactics of their own. Under… Read More

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SoLoMo OMG! Social, Local & Mobile Hook Up @ #SMX Advanced


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SMX Advanced! Let’s be honest – by and large, ours is a culture fixated on instant gratification, real-time engagement, the here and now. In such a fast-paced world, it’s no surprise we leverage shorthand vernacular where we can. From OMG to LOL to IITYWIMIWHTKY, we’ve got an acronym for… Read More

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The Ultimate Local Ad Agency 2010 Fiscal Model?


credit: zenobia_joy In yesterday’s post, guest blogger and CEO of, Dennis Yu, tackled some important concepts of the local ad firm- specifically the fact that it is sure to kick the bucket in 2010 if industry professionals don’t take proactive steps as soon as possible. Part two of this story will address changes the… Read More

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