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Mining Subtle Query Intent For PPC Conversion

There has been much written surrounding classic query types. In review, conventional wisdom dictates that there are basically three kinds: Informational – suggests the searcher is on the broad quest for knowledge about a topic of interest (medical symptoms, film trivia, tips on housebreaking puppies, etc.). Navigational – indicates the searcher is on the hunt for a specific […]

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SMX Advanced [Holistic] Keyword Research

SEO’s cut their teeth in the keyword research process. The first few months of an SEO’s development is often spent in the “saltmines” researching and testing nearly endless variations of words and phrases in Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker and Google’s keyword tool. Are users searching for “trash cans” or “trash bins”?

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Analytic Mashups For Advanced Keyword Research

These days predictive utilities like Trellian, WordTracker and AdWords are only half the keyword research story. State of the art processes combine these standard search predict tools’ output with “what we already know,” by mashing in site-specific datasets at the keyword level. Additional keyword data might include statistics culled from organic analytics (KW traffic, conversion, […]

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20 Totally Free Buzz Pocket Mining Tools

  While classic keyword research counts phrase permutations users search for, Buzz Pocket Mining measures the individual and community-wide social graph. The good news is, incredibly powerful BPM tools are totally free! “Social graph” simply means categorizing definable pockets of members’ participatory chatter as folks interact, share content, make friends and live lives together. Often […]

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The Real Key to Keyword Research: People

Day two of SES Chicago had me ducking for cover, as razor sharp tips and tools came flying at me from the “Advanced Keyword Research” session of the PPC track.  This session, moderated by, Ron Jones, Search Engine Watch Expert & President/CEO, Symetri Internet Marketing was about demystifying keyword research. 

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Buzz Pocket Mining Tutorial: An Intersection of Keyword Research & Social Media

Since social sites are congregation points for hundreds of millions of users, finding out what they’re thinking en masse lends useful stemming (creative discovery of synonyms) insight to traditional keyword research. Hot topics define each community, each with idiosyncratic tools to measure chatter patterns and reveal content which has gone hot by consensus. This provides […]

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Escape the Walled Garden: Managing Local/Mobile Search Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Reach

Overseeing local and mobile search marketing efforts can be daunting. Numerous providers offer ever-increasing abilities to target eyeballs by demographic criteria. How much should be budgeted to the greatest benefit? What should we do first? Who are the players? This session explored the “tactical demands of running a successful local/mobile search marketing campaign.” Chris Sherman, […]

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Free WordTracker Keyword Suggestion Tool

There has been a revolution of keyword research tools over time. The first introduction to keyword research for most of us was years ago with the free overture keyword tool, which was the basis for many an early PPC campaign. Overture became Yahoo and provided insight into Yahoo’s keyword “inventory.” it was revolutionary. Now with […]


Advertising Agencies and SEM, Part 1

If you pay attention to seminar speakers (and anecdotal chatter) it’s quite obvious that many advertising agencies are grappling with (and feeling threatened by) the ubiquitous evolution of search marketing.  The new Internet marketing is about a constant stream of recurrent content published on SEO savvy platforms. The days of set it and forget it static […]

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