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Humbled SEO Warriors: Search is Universal. Blended Verticals Tower.

As a result of Universal & Blended Vertical Search it’s not just about web pages anymore. Google’s Universal Search aggregates local, news, video, book content, blog search, and a number of other verticals from content “repositories” and displays them in various positions on SERPs. This is especially true for some commercial keywords and can include […]


Personalized AdWords Results foreshadow Significant Shifts in Paid Search.

There has been chatter about it for months. Now, fellow SEM Google adWords-watchers are trafficking blog posts highlighting fascinating examples of Google PPC results which are based dynamically, in part, on previous searches. This algorithmic shift, which ostensibly makes commercial search results more relevant to the user, foreshadows upcoming generations of smart-SERPs which take users’ […]


Google makes it Official: WebPosition Gold™ is Dead.

In early June, Google updated their webmaster guidelines and included specific intent to kill WebPosition as the poster child for Google’s disdain for automated queries. Since WebPosition has been best friend to many (including me) for years, it was a disappointing development. However before we really get going here, it should be noted that organic […]

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Google Video Ads are here NOW!

Inside AdWords, Google’s official source for information about AdWords, has been trumpeting the arrival of Click-to-play video ads for AdWords. Yippy Skippy I woke up this morning to find the new video ad serving features in our AdWords client manager account interface! Video (and image) ads now appear on a high number of Google content […]

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Google Universal Search Changes Everything.

Google is deploying the most significant changes to its results pages in history, unveiling “Universal Search,” which aggregates listings from Google news, video, images, local, and book searches with traditional website searches. Vertical searches (specialty search engines) which index images, video, local, news, blogs, etc… will soon be fully interspersed with Google search results. This […]


Google Audio Radio Ads are Here!

For years prescient industry pundits and sages have been forecasting this happy day of convergence. Google audio radio ads are here and guess what-SEM firms are the new radio media buyers. Yippy Skippy! Tonight I stumbled upon Google Audio’s mass launch of Google Audio Ads in the dashboard of a Minneapolis client’s account. In April […]

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Avoid the PPC Ramp Up Money Pit

Pay per click advertising, like most every aspect of search marketing, is about understanding and executing on the basics. When blocking and tackling new PPC accounts there is an ever present cash pit lurking if your aim is too broad. We’ve watched PPC newbies, from the traditional advertising agency world, waste obscene amounts of cash […]

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Google Analytics Upgrade, the Latest Authority Blog Buzz Posts

When Google’s makeover of Google Analytics was unveiled on Tuesday we received quite a bit of traffic from Technorati for our early review. Understandably there is a huge amount of commotion in the blog world regarding the enhancements. Here are the latest buzz posts from “authority” SEM publications in case you need a little light […]


Google Analytics Upgrade, an Early Review

Today in a client meeting I logged into a Google Analytics account to discuss their site metrics and I was greeted to an unexpected wow-surprise. (I think I might have actually said “wow” 4 times.) The Google Analytics interface has been completely made over. This is the second time in 24 hours I’ve said yippy […]

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