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Surviving Panda’s Rank Spank: Google Tips from #SMX East

aimClear’s coverage of #SMX East 2011 kicked off with… PANDA WATCH! How else? Google’s furry little algorithm update, aimed to crack down on duplicate content, among other things, rolled out in waves during the late winter and early spring of 2011. Initially, only a portion of U.S. sites were affected, then international sites, then more U.S. […]

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Did Google’s Link Reorganization Change SEO SubDomain Consolidation?

Google’s recent modification of how link data is categorized in Webmaster Tools had observant SEO practitioners and clients asking interesting questions. If you’re wondering if it’s time to put the brakes on rolling up your subdomains as an SEO tactic because of this Google change, this post has important information.


Safe For SEO, Hacking [FIXED] Google Keyword Tool

AdWords Keyword Tool may be viable again for SEO. The debilitating short-tail-only problems seem to have been fixed. Long live SEO! On October 7th 2010, we published a post in aimClear Blog entitled, “R.I.P. Google Keyword Tool. Long Live SEO!” Baris Gultekin, Group Product Manager, Google AdWords, Google, Inc. had just dropped a big stink […]

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Herding the Flock: Google Instant Anoints Lucky Brands

Data is starting to roll in on the effects of Google’s elegant UI/SERPs adaptation Google Instant. The concept of SERPs that configure as users type is not new, but it appears big G’ has laid claim to mass paradigm busting.  Marketing chatter ranges from ridiculously hyperbolic to ho-hum with good reason. Instant instantly appoints already-dominant […]

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What To Do When “The Man” Gets You Down (in the SERPs)

If your website is lost to Google (aka “The Man”), not just buried in the SERPs, it may have violated Google’s Terms of Service (TOS) by singular or multiple violations. This isn’t a mistake, so be prepared to get on your knees, confess your crimes, wait for the Googlers to flip the switch back on […]

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