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aimClear’s Facebook Marketing Workshop Gets Rad Makeover @ #SMX West


A new year calls for a new look… at least, that’s what any hot-blooded fashionista will tell you. Here at aimClear, we’re embracing that concept and mapping it to, among other things, our Facebook Marketing Intensive– just in time for it’s one year anniversary, to boot. Yes, it was one year ago we unveiled our… Read More

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aimClear’s Facebook Marketing Intensive Sails to #SESCHI


With an exploding user-base of over 750 million registered users, Facebook represents the largest social sampling of human interests this world has ever known… and with a platform that seamlessly merges thoughtful human-to-human communication and mind-numbing stalking entertainment galore, it’s unlikely that momentum or growth in popularity will taper off anytime soon. Perhaps for these reasons,… Read More

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aimClear Facebook Marketing Workshop: Up Close & Personal @ #SMX East


It’s here, it’s here! #SMX East is finally here! You know what that means: Pilgrimages to the Big Apple, strolls through Central Park, and one of the coolest online marketing events this side of the Mississippi. Traditionally held in October, the East coast edition of Search Marketing Expo is usually the signal that rocket-launches New York City… Read More

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aimClear Facebook Marketing Intensive: #SES Summer in San Fran!


Online Marketing Trifecta: Pulsing user-base of nearly 700 million, deadeye targeting functionality, and comparably cheap CPCs… it’s these very factors that help make Facebook a truly fertile playground for cutting-edge marketers and calculating community managers. Demographic samples from all walks of life gather on this social landscape. From skydiving senior citizens to teens who love… Read More

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Hit The Decks! aimClear® Facebook Marketing Intensive Download


Greetings marketers! We’re back from a fabulous week at #SMX West, San Jose 2011.  The sessions and speakers were fantastic.  It’s a brave new world of attribution modeling, SEO influencing social signals, international search and a veritable mobile explosion. After the main conference was over, we rolled out the inaugural edition our very own aimClear®… Read More

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