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#Facebook Experiments With User Polls To Grade Pages


Tell all your friends to say they love your page, if Facebook asks! FB is experimenting with classic methodology, presumably to either advise or verify the algorithm which controls organic visibility of brand page posts. Cute! Cool school is old school. We can just picture those sweatshirted FB Execs’ in a Palo Alto conference room… Read More

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aimClear® Facebook Marketing Intensive: Upcoming @ #SMX West


In the realm of social networking channels, Facebook is as household a name as it gets. Pushing 600 million users in just a shade over seven years, FB’s an online marketer’s playground– one of the great gold rush of our time. aimClear’s Facebook Marketing Intensive workshop, scheduled for the final day of SMX West, will feature… Read More

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Proudly Announcing #SMX aimClear® Facebook Marketing Intensive


Facebook has swept the social scene by storm. In just under seven years since its inception, the pulsing community has grown to approach 600 million members, many of whom are ready, willing and even eager to be distracted engaged. This breadth of community managers’ organic reach coupled with, among other things, killer targeting capabilities and… Read More

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Facebook SEO, Ranking Factors & Visibility Hacks


This past summer we published Facebook SEO Ranking Factors, 2010 Study Results, marking our second in-depth study on Facebook internal search since the social network behemoth announced significant search enhancements over a year ago. Shortly before those June 2010 results were released, Facebook’s search share increased approximately 48%, amounting to about 2.7% of U.S. searches. At first blush, that… Read More

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