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The Great 2013 Social Media Buzz Kill, & How Early Adopters Dominate


Sure! Your team creates and organically distributes amazing content that is intuitive, engaging by nature, and serves well-cultivated audiences.  That’s a given. Your community manager distributes the content and organic audiences love it and share. Great!  However, no matter how successful your content strategy is, without paid organic amplification, you’re most likely leaving substantial money… Read More

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Facebook Philosophies & Best Practices, Part I: Account Structure


Welcome to the first installment of aimClear’s Facebook Philosophies and Best Practices Guide. In these posts we’ll outline Facebook Ads best practices from account structure and psychographic targeting to ad creation and ad management. Our goal is to offer essential thinking in bite size chunks. In this first post we’re highlighting how to best set… Read More

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[Debut!] aimClear #SMX East Workshop = True Confluence of Content+Social+SEO


Heading to NYC for SMX East this October? So are we! We’re excited to invade the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center again this year and to debut our brand, spankin’ new workshop: Social Content Distribution for SEO: The New Linkbuilding! The new workshop will combine paid and organic tactics to distribute content on social networks… Read More

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Bookmark It! Handy #Facebook Partner Categories Visual Guide


Reason number 87 we love Facebook’s Power Editor: It’s the source to access the latest, greatest targeting options… Facebook Partner Categories! The release and excitement of Facebook’s Partner Category targeting, Datalogix, Acxiom, and Epsilon, has been widely covered. Here, we’re laying out the new Facebook targeting visually because: 1) It’s been requested, and 2) Seeing the… Read More

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Facebook Partner Categories: Wrangle Up Some Deadeye Targeting Segments, Y’all! (+7 Must-Read Posts)


As you may have heard, the next big thing from Facebook is being rolled out before our very eyes. It’s called Partner Categories. SMBs everywhere are holding their breath, crossing their fingers, clutching their lucky rabbit’s foot charms close to their hearts in anticipation of this new advertising tool. The word around the watering hole… Read More

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