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Atone For Your Email Sins: 11 Quick Tips To Edify & Enlighten From #SESSF


Welcome back to aimClear blog for our final piece of coverage from SES San Francisco 2013! It’s been quite a ride this year, and we’ve just got one question left: How do you ensure delivery, drive double-digit conversion, and engage your consumer across multiple channels? Those desperate for answers congregated to Deliver, Engage, Transact: 11 Absolutes… Read More

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Email Marketing Hall Of Shame: 3 Classic #Fails To Avoid


Email marketing is easy, right? It seems so simple. Yet some respected companies still make classic email marketing mistakes. Read on for an online marketing rant down memory lane. Before there were AdWords, Facebook or LinkedIn targeting, there was venerable email marketing. In this current (tricked out) demographic targeting era, where we regularly model and… Read More

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