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E-Commerce Link Building Strategies: You Gotta Give a Little Love! #SESSF


Live #SESSF coverage continued with our second track of the day – No BS Link Building for E-Commerce. Lone soldier Jonathan Ball, VP of Page One Power was up on deck to tour us through the hour+. Check out the full recap below. Jonathan graced the floor and asked, “Why is link building so hard for e-commerce?”… Read More

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Global Site Launch? Don’t Bite the Wax Tadpole!


Don’t be fooled by an easy solution. While rapid global flattening has consolidated both language and currency,  there exists serious need for cross-cultural awareness among search marketers to stay relevant and foster success when launching a site across multiple geographic locations. It’s often unwise and even culturally disrespectful to “copy and paste” campaigns successful in… Read More


Chosing The Best Ecommerce Software


Ecommerce (A.K.A. e-commerce) speaks to the exchange of valuable goods, services, and money from vendor to consumer, B2B, peer to peer (like E-bay), and by way of other models. If your business is researching new e-commerce website technology (platform) make sure the system you build, buy, or rent is friendly for SEO. The needs are… Read More

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