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Silicon Valley In Duluth! aimClear’s Spectacular New Home

Welcome to aimClear’s stunning new home, 9 West Superior Street. Located at the crossroads of Duluth, Minnesota, Superior Street and Lake Avenue in the very heart of our city. Read on for a look at the historical background of our new digs, and a sneak peek inside…

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Visit Duluth, aimClear’s Study, Frank Questions & Answers

Since we published our post (Did $10 Million In Destination Marketing Make Duluth Famous?) I’ve enjoyed stimulating exchanges with folks we respect. To those who reached out, thank you! We received a number of thought-provoking questions. These inquiries resonated with us, because the very idea was to inspire dialog. We thought our readers would find […]

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Did $10 Million In Destination Marketing Make Duluth Famous?

[Study notes, 10/26: There is now a followup post to this study: Visit Duluth, aimClear’s Study, Frank Questions & Answers Also, here is Google’s documentation regarding use of “+” and “-” signs in Insights For Search queries. Use of these standard operators are documented in this study.] We live in a marketing world where it’s […]


aimClear Shares Online Marketing Insight With Academia

Today, Marty Weintraub and Manny Rivas of aimClear will deliver a special presentation to the students and faculty of the University of Minnesota Duluth. The 60 minute program, Internet Advertising: Effective Outreach to Target Audiences, will explore the tools & methodologies trusted by true industry pros. From paid search campaigns to organic search engine optimization, interactive social […]


Dear Google Fiber, Why We Covet Duluth-Part 1

Google is planning to test ultra-high speed broadband networks and is considering Duluth as a trial location, among others across the country. Google Fiber, so you’re considering a move to Duluth…? Join the club. In 1982 I first came to visit. Then after a decade-long love affair with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) to […]

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New aimClear Office: Location, Location, Location

photo credit: pmarkham All good things get better! aimClear has exited  those architecturally picturesque halls of Duluth’s historic Carnegie Building and “moved on up” to  loft-style grandeur, third floor corner suite offices in the iconic Paulucci Building.  We’re pleased to announce that we’ve relocated to Duluth’s famed Canal Park.  This space doubles the ol’ dig’s […]

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On Giving Thanks, Reflections, Duluth & Mumbai

Happy Thanksgiving morning from snowy Duluth, Minnesota.  Greetings to our search marketing friends. The sun is barely risen, looming golden on the distant Lake Superior horizon. Steam wafts off the harbor, for temperature differential between warm water and frigid air. The contrast is stark and representative of our world, terribly conflicted in awesome beauty and […]

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