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Splogs, Copyright Infringement, Sphinn Power and the Trademark Productions Smackdown

A “splog” is a spam blog which might scrape or otherwise rip off content from other blogs. There are a myriad of motivations which drive unscrupulous publishers to steal content or create garbage posts: Organic prominence and AdSense revenue are classic spoils for plagiarizing.  Gaining false credentials to dupe unsuspecting clients is another. No matter […]

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Content Management Evolution: 14 Tips to Avoid the Wrong System

If content is king, then the content management system (CMS) is surely the throne upon which King Content sits. CMS simply refers to technical method and tools chosen for adding, editing and deleting pages, links, pictures, uploading video or anything that goes on your site. Every SEO job, from small business to enterprise, is somehow […]

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Revive Suffocating Web 1.0 Sites with Tricked-Out WordPress Mashups.

aimClear gets daily cold calls from confused businesses that are losing ground. The stories are eerily similar. “We used have high Google rankings”, “Why do Internet Yellow Pages rank above us for the name of our company?”, and “What are all these maps, videos, and news stories?”` The answer is easy. Universal search and third […]

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Strange Bedfellows, MS Word + WordPress

Microsoft Word and WordPress make strange bedfellows at first gape. However our clients have increased productivity significantly by speeding up the blogging process with clever use of MS Word (Office 2003 and 2007). Anyone who has ever tried to paste formatted text from Word to WordPress and observed the awful results is probably wondering exactly […]

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Is Your Website Plugged into the Blog Linking Grid?

Many skilled and experienced marketing professionals do not yet understand that the blog structure is the killer SEM enabled content management system. I know first hand what it means to misperceive blogging software. Though aimClear mashes up chunks of blog functionality behind many websites we work with, it took a few years to become personally […]


Digg Quits Policing Illegal DVD Rip-off Code

DVD Hack on Mainstream Site It’s just 32 tiny little numbers but for the average teenage valley tech kid it’s the key to unlock copy protected DVDs at the expense of big American intellectual property corporations. In the wrong hands this code (in tandem with black hat software) beats protective mechanisms on commercial High definition Blu-ray […]


15 Time-Tested Blogging Tips

With so many of our clients blogging now (and asking lots of good questions) the subject of blogs comes up often in our “how-to” conversations. Obviously I’m a big fan of blogs. I love to write and I love search marketing. Blogging is a wonderful pastime and satisfying personal endeavor that can pay returns on […]


Content Sourcing, the New SEO

“Content sourcing” means creating channeled mechanisms to facilitate the output of predictable and valuable recurrent content.  Out of all the challenges companies face as they embark on advertising, PR, and marketing online jihads, the need to source content creation is ubiquitous. This post examines the content sourcing riddle and offers tips to begin the flow. […]

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What is an RSS Feed Anyway?

I doubt I am in the minority today when I say I use and rely on the internet regularly throughout the day.   Going online to find my news, weather, and entertainment has become the primary method in which I stay current in my work and personal life.  There’s never enough time keep current with the […]

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