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Master (Title) Baiters! Can UK Headline Hyperbole Teach American Bloggers Guile?


I’m here for SES London, where I will have the pleasure of keynoting Day Three on Thursday.  I notice America’s language gap every time I scoot across the pond.  The UK’s colloquial dominance makes sense. After all, the Brits’ invented the English language, right? Pound for pound, effervescent embellishments after splendid magnification, UK newspaper headlines… Read More


A Guide To Writing Headlines For Not-So-Great Writers: 5 Tips For More Clicks


Writers and non-writers alike can agree, headlines are pretty dang important. With endless stories exploding across news sites and sauntering into our inboxes, headlines are our filters for deciding what we will and will not give our highly coveted attention to. The thing is, both writers and non-writers will also agree that creating click-through worthy… Read More

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Exploring The Art Of Social Media Hoaxes: Dark Humor Meets Brilliant Execution


We all know that creative, well-developed content and expertly executed social media campaigns can yield results that rock. Remember Burger King’s Subservient Chicken stunt back in 2004? You told the lone, albeit giant chicken on the website to do something, and he did it. Couple that with a 12-minute fight scene in which a TenderCrisp… Read More

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Sourcing B2B Content For Marketing Strategy! 11 Timeless Examples #FTW


Distributing optimized content for business marketing was foundational to commerce long before the Internet. As early as 1774, Benjamin Franklin, America’s first postmaster, is said to have marketed scientific and academic books by mail order catalog. Beginning in 1928, William Grainger began marketing motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies primarily through… Read More

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Social #PPC Buyer Beware! Why Fancy #SEO Content Agencies Now Quietly Peddle Paid


It’s one of the online marketing industries waggish little secrets. One organic-only SEO/content marketing agency has a new Paid Media VP and services highlighted on their website now also focus on PPC.  Another top online marketing agency, famous for organic-only content and SEO thought leadership, has been quietly hawking Facebook Ads for years and become… Read More

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