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Think Outside The Blog: Tasty Tips For Feed SEO

As with many facets of technology, when it comes to SEO, the times they are (always) a-changin’. What was once advised by mostly technical means, search engine optimization has evolved to be noticeably impacted by more social elements, for example, blogs. Generating fresh content and comprehensive feed syndication are killer ways to help enhance your […]

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Content Is King, But Only When Optimized! Tips From #SESSF

Whether your company’s focus is on search or social media, when it comes to any successful marketing campaigns the old saying still stands: “Content is King.”  From digital assets to traditional media, your goal as a marketer is to not only create unique, relevant content– but to optimize content to the point that users find […]

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Notes On The Holistic Science of SEO Copywriting

How the text is written has a huge impact on search positions and conversions. It’s not just about sticking keywords in copy. It’s not about keyword density. It’s about writing content that connects with readers.

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Search Marketing 101: the Basics For Beginners

This SES New York 2009 session, “Search Advertising 101,”  was especially geared toward the SEO novice, with details on programs from major providers and advice on how to succeed. The assembled audience was comprised of small business owners, agency representatives and in-house advertising representatives. The panelists provided a well rounded program chock full of sound […]

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Opportunities, Reality & Display Ad Evolution

Welcome to fabulous New York City. This post is the continuation of aimClearBlog’s coverage of SES NY 2009. Session: Pardon My Reach: A Snapshot of the Display Ad Marketplace. Synopsis: This session broadened the discussion to include a focused dialog surrounding the topic of display advertising in the media marketplace. The panel addressed new opportunities and realities of […]

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Degrees of Separation, FaceBook, Twitter & Social Distribution Networks

photo credit: Gandalfar In distributing content, it’s possible to increase posts’ propensity to go hot in social channels, simply by publishing correctly to social distribution networks built amongst individuals in your organization. Publishing “correctly” means, when pressing the CMS “publish” button, your message instantly touches hundreds, thousands and potentially millions of similar-minded folks all over […]

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Splogs, Copyright Infringement, Sphinn Power and the Trademark Productions Smackdown

A “splog” is a spam blog which might scrape or otherwise rip off content from other blogs. There are a myriad of motivations which drive unscrupulous publishers to steal content or create garbage posts: Organic prominence and AdSense revenue are classic spoils for plagiarizing.  Gaining false credentials to dupe unsuspecting clients is another. No matter […]

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Content Management Evolution: 14 Tips to Avoid the Wrong System

If content is king, then the content management system (CMS) is surely the throne upon which King Content sits. CMS simply refers to technical method and tools chosen for adding, editing and deleting pages, links, pictures, uploading video or anything that goes on your site. Every SEO job, from small business to enterprise, is somehow […]

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Revive Suffocating Web 1.0 Sites with Tricked-Out WordPress Mashups.

aimClear gets daily cold calls from confused businesses that are losing ground. The stories are eerily similar. “We used have high Google rankings”, “Why do Internet Yellow Pages rank above us for the name of our company?”, and “What are all these maps, videos, and news stories?”` The answer is easy. Universal search and third […]

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