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Puppy Mill Upchuck To Superstar Articles: Setting Realistic Content Marketing KPIs!

Did you get the memo? With Google’s increased focus on content freshness and other social-laced algorithmic updates, marketers already keen on blogging and other recurrent content strategies have a definite leg up. But how far do SEOs need to go and at how great a cost for what results? What results can churn-and-burn-puppy-mill SEO-laced assembly […]

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Harnessing Headline Theories! Flashpoints To Final Polish

My content marketing mentors were marvelous gray-haired men and woman, who cut their teeth during the Mad Men era. They trained me to develop story headlines first by brainstorming quickly through numerous theory statements, choosing the appropriate concept to develop, and then taking time to build out a polished headline. The timeless premise is that […]


Get Exposed! Deep Content Marketing Optimization Tips from #SESSF

Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of #SES San Francisco! A true content wizard, Lee Odden’s (@leeodden) Content Marketing Optimization session reminded the audience that content can make or break your website. When you’re looking to optimize your site, you have to take everything from rich media to web pages to digital assets to PDF […]


Gussy Up Your Content! #SESSF Tips for Making Stale Content Sexy

Welcome back to coverage of Day 1 #SESSF! Whether you believe online content is king, queen, or almighty empress of the universe, one thing’s for sure: content is sexy. Or, at least, it should be. How else can it be expected to gain attention from social communities, garner traffic, eyeballs, links in abundance, and eventually […]

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Why Content Creation 3-Ways Are 1 Smart, Sexy Strategy

The beginning of the end of Day 1 at #SESCHI 2010 found some marketers fidgeting in their final session rooms, anxious to get to the cocktail reception (free-drink tickets clutched tightly in clammy hands…). But it’s safe to say that those attending the “Delivering Great Content” panel were more anxious for the strategies sure to be […]