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Ten Terrific Takes On Twitter Etiquette

Whether you’re talking about sex, singing, or social media, it’s a fact of life: people don’t like to hear they’re “doing it wrong.” But when it comes to tweeting– a communal activity that’s constantly expanding in both significance and scope– how can you define what’s right?  Everyone and their mother has an opinion about what […]

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Why We Reserve the Right to Truncate Your Irrelevant, Whiny Comment

Here at aimClear, we’re proud of our in-house authors. Like many publications we also open our pages as a community platform to host guest bloggers. Sometimes guest posts are written by industry professionals whose practices are perceived by some as controversial. Wait. Let’s stop right there. “Controversial.” That word can carry a negative connotation, one […]

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Why Your 4,243,564 Twitter Followers Don’t Mean Jack

When Twitter launched four years ago, it (perchance inadvertently) gave businesses the most precious gift imaginable: an intimate glimpse into consumers’ daily lives. It gave them the power to monitor brand reputation in a clean, accessible interface. Corporate brands like @Zappos & @Zappos_Service, @Starbucks, @DellOutlet, @JetBlue, and @TheHomeDepot, as well as personal “brands” like @StephenFry […]

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Social Media Community Manager Job Description

Over the past 2 years, the relatively close knit blog universe has exploded in a massive confluence of social expression and corporate reaction. A cottage industry of owner-operators, trawling social media on behalf of themselves and others, has cropped up in lofts, dorms, agencies and iPhones. These are the new social media Community Managers and […]

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